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The story starts from how boy and girl fall in love chatting online through facebook. Boys
name is arjun and girls name is sachi.boy is from Mumbai and he is presently in Hyderabad
completing his course.the girl is from Hyderabad itself.. Once arjun was online through
face book and he comes across one sweet girl named sachi.he falls in love seeing her photos.
He sends her an add request and she accepts it. They chat every day at dot 7pm till 9pm for a
week.then they exchange their numbers.
Arjun is basically from a middle class family and has to lots of burden in his shoulders. He has
to run his house by earning..his mother is mentally not fit and elder sister ..arjuns sister gets
raped in mumbai when completing her work in call centre night shift because of which theres
no one to marry her and give her job because of which she is unemployed.
When completing his inter mediate arjun decides to do hotel mang and goes to
Hyderabad.where he comes across sachi.
Sachi is from very rich family whoz parents are lawers.
Arjun lies her just to be with her that even he from rich political family.sachi also loves him a
Arjun starts working in porn and whatever money he gats he buys expensive gifts for
sachi.sachi dosent know that arjun works for porn movies and earns money. According to
sachi arjun is a chef in 5 star fine day arjuns mother and sister will be dead because
of the gas leakage. Arjun goes under depression.her girlfriend sachi will help her a lot and
brings her out of depression. Sachi has a friend whos name is neha who always browse in
porn sites and watches porn sites and videos daily.
Neha once browsing through porn sites watches a porn of arjun with two african females
having all intimated scenes.she informs and show this porn to sachi.sachi feels hurted a
lot.she came to know every truth about arjun.she leaves arjun and accepts the proposal of
arrange marriage which is layed by her parents. Arjun wont be able to handle the pain. One
day arjun dosent feel good medically and visits a doctor.their he comes to know that he got
aids(hiv+) and will be dieing soon.
Rahul the person who will be going to marry sachi is the owner of the porn sites but sachi
wont be knoeing about this but arjun will be knowing later.
Rahul sees sachi when arjun and sachi where both dating. Rahuls father is a very close friend
of sachis father.
Rahuls fathers business is to sell girls to foreign countries for one will be knowing
about this fact.only arjun will be knowing lately..arjun wants to save sachis life by not letting
them get married.arjun will be telling thise all things about rahul and his family to sachi but
sachi wont be beliving him..
Rahul and his fathers plan is to get rahul married to sachi and take her all property and sell
sachi for money.this fact also arjun will be knowing.
Arjun will be performing a sting operation through news channel where he will be recording
the video tape of rahul and his family business operations.
Lastly sachis life will be saved and she goes to arjun to thank him but over theur she sees that
arjun is dead because of aids.

the story shows how a lover earns lot of money by doing bad things just because to gift his girlfiend expensive gifts.

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