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writingWhere are you my baby

                                Where are you my baby??        
                                                                                   by:-keshav kishore(k2)


[Scene 1]

A roadside middle class apartment shown by the   (camera)    and afterwards it shows the mother and child  (age of child 5-6yrs).  It is the  evening and they are returning from the normal day grocery shoppping (camera is capturing this scene).

                                     {inside the building scene}

(camera)  captures them as they enter into the building and at same time while they were entering it    (captures)   a car and the mother and child scene is blurred and the focus is on the car.

Now the mother and child is waiting for the lift to they enter into the lift ,the guy who was in the car also approach and he also get into the lift.

They both are neighbour and live on 3rd floor.As usual guy is playing with the child.
When they reached to their apartments guy asked to the child HUSBAND:-“mere ghar chloge ge kya”
while at same time mother id opening the door.

As this whole scene iS going on guy wife also arrived to open the gate and is also start playing with child . Then mother invite's both of them to her child's birthday.


                                                 [Scene 2]
                                    {Inside the couple house}

wife tell to her husband WIFE:-“aaj hamara beta bhi 3 saal ka ho jata agar hota..”
husband HUSBAND:-“ab tum dobaara wahi soch rahi ho”,mat socho jo hogaya.

Chalo sone chalte hai

[about the wife character: she is little depressed because she her child after 3 hrs of his death
                its been 3 yrs but she had that memory somewhere.sometime is lost in her                               owe world.]

                                               ON SATURDAY

                                                  [Scene 3 ]

                                     {THE Birthday party scene.}

The wife was so happy by seeing the childrens in the party.
When her husband sees her he also simled.
While they  were taking leave from the party the mother gave them the sweet box (ladoo)

                                        {inside the couple house}

The couple enter into their house amd husband  *keep that sweet box on small table* ahead of sofa.
AND  they proceed towards their bedroom.
[CAMERA capture till they enter in  bed roon]

              normal chit-chat between the couple
   ->about the party.
   ->about the other people.
[CAMERA  is capturing their conversation]

During the changing of clothes husband asks his wife about the child,that they must planned for sencond child.
When he asked this wife thinks a little then she lay down on the bed.(*without any reply*)

After this husband try to convince her but in order to do this he applied some force in which she replied very suddenly by pushing him and moved to other side of bed.

[slowly this scene is blurred]

                                     ON SUNDAY                                           
                                             [Scene 4]

Seen start with wife. she is in balcony taking some fresh air .she is just feeling free.
She is behaving as she has no memory of what happened last night.

After sometime husband also wakes up  [9:00 am]  and he also joins her in balcony otr terrace.
He also behaving that nothing happened last night.[basically all men behave that nothing happens to them but somewhere down the line they feel it.]      {his state is like this only. So this feeling must be reflected on his face while performig the scene.}

Then she tell him to bring milk packet and some other stuff.

                                        [scene 4.1]

so ,he leaves the house and after sometime  husband mother make a call to the wife.

And while talking she reveal what happened last night and start crying.

     [AT THE SAME TIME    camera captures the husband]:->

                As he feels little good that his wife is behaving normal as what happened last night

                     [AGAIN  camera captures the wife]  :->

         In  this  wife is  stop crying and wheeping her tears.
                                    And went to the washroom.

                  [  AFTER THIS camera follows husband ]

As husband enter in the building and approaches to the lift but due to some problem it was not working properly.

Then take stairs to reach 3rd floor and he rings the bell [3 times]

when she opens the door he shouted at her HUSBAND:-“kaha thi , kabse bell ring kar raha hu”

(by this his anger mode is on little bit :->
when his anger mode is on he hits wall or some solid things to remove the anger)

*after this  he forget to lock the door from inside*

This time when hits the wall wife says WIFE:-“bas itna hi karo, cheezo ko maaro”

                           HUSBAND:- “achha tik hai ,chalo abhi”

                                                      [scene 5]

                                     {inside mother and child house}

Scene start with mother chasing her son because its breakfast time for the child but as usual in childhood we always hide somewhere or run to avoid the food.

After some time phone start ringing and mother pick up the phone and it is child father .He is out of town for some business meeting.(there is phone conversation going on).

                                                   [scene 5.1]
                            (camera shifts suddenly in couple house)

Scene start with a phone conversation between the husband and his mother.
And mother suggest him that how he should behave with his wife knowing the mental condition of her.

                                                [scene 5.2]
                         (camera shifts suddenly in mother and child house)
* as now mother was busy on phone{ PHONE 3 TO 4 MINUTES ONLY} and the child is trying to hide ,so he opened the gate somehow and goes outside the house.

                                           [scene 5.3]
                     (camera shifts suddenly in couple house)

after the conversation ends.he started yelling to his wife
“yeh kya sun raha hu  main,tumne maa ki sab bata diya”
“usko batana zaroori tha kya?? batao naa ,chup kyu ho”
*he hit the wall with a punch*

wife- “toh kya karti main ,muze kucch samanjh nhi aa raha tha”

husband - “tumhe toh waise hi kuchh samajh nhi ata,akalmand kahi ki”

                                           [scene 5.4]

(camera SHIFT AND is capturing the child entry and where is hides)

*child sees here and there and sees that door is opened so he goes inside the house (now the child is in the couple house).he hides behind the sofa.

                                            [scene 5.5]
                               (camra is capturing mother)

now she put down the phone start finding the baby.when she comes to the door
she (closed the door but she stopped for sometime and thinks how this door is open already ,but she does not give the attention and closed the door)

when she closed the door there will be small glimpse of her son who is in the couple house. 

                                                   [scene 6]

                   (camera is capturing the couple after the whole scene 5)

It continues from scene 5.3:-

when husband says this - “tumhe toh waise hi kuchh samajh nhi ata,akalmand kahi ki”

As usual he hits the wall again  and then he leaves the room.

Wife follows him and says “bas inko hi maarte raho”
when he heard this he beacomes more agrressive and hit the sofa behind which the child is hidden and child is died

* During the action of hitting he also give a little force to the table on which the sweet box was kept and ladoo popps from it and falls down .*

After some time blood starts coming from behind the sofa .The blood is sourrounded around the ladoo .when wife notices this red thing she lean forward to pick the ladoo ,so she lean forward to pick it up.when they both see it they cannot believe that it is blood or not.

So to find it she  take look behind the sofa and she sees the child drain in blood , (as the force hits the child head) .

When she retrun back she says “aur maaro cheezo ko”.
Husband feels awkward and he also take look and after he sees that he is in complete shock.

Now the wife is holding that ladoo and besides her husband is standing.

And they heard the voice of child mother saying “where are u my baby ??”

                                                   THE END 


Short story on normal livelihood but with single little twist.

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