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writingThinking about Being Ordinary or Different in perspective of Life

There are some people who are born to inspire I call them the elites of mankind and all others the masses who are merely born to expire. No doubt like many others I know my category and that’s the later one. However even in the latter category there are some who made their life the way they want and then there are others like me who becomes the person they are the way life made them. Ordinary people, the crowd, who just cheer for others throughout their life; find real happiness in others achievements, get more upset about the miss-happenings in the world then their own life. Follow the same age old routine throughout of school-college-job-marriage-kids-responsibilities-worry about future-creep about the past and one day die in the hope of living life. But no one bothers because that’s the circle of life of an ordinary human being.

Usual is ordinary, different is extra-ordinary. However being different is not everyone’s cup of tea. It take guts, it needs passion, lots of patience and sacrifice to some extent. Why sacrifice because from being ordinary to different is a path full of hurdles. A path less recommended by masters of Life, A path of love lost, a path of being away from family and kin. Sometimes a path of sufferings, grief and agony. Overall it requires a whole hearted effort to being different. I believe charisma and skills can be develop; it may be tough but not impossible. However creativity can’t because that’s your inner feeling. If you are not a dreamer, you can’t be creative. I believe that’s why they say dream big to achieve big. But the irony is we are happy being ordinary, being routine oriented. We do not have time for dream, we don’t want to be creative because we follow the herd. That’s what we were taught, we learned and we advise.

But is it really necessary to live a life following the so called age old routine of ordinary human being. Can’t we the part of herd be a little more sympathetic to ourselves? Can’t we give a little more time to ourselves from our so called routine oriented fast-paced life? Don’t we have the rights to do a bit of soul searching? A bit of time spend searching the meaning of Life, thinking about why we are here, what makes us different than other creatures. A little bit of time spend doing what we like to do or wish to do. A bit of time spend by planning a journey of life time, by travelling the world like a Nomad. A bit of time spend by cherishing the sweet, happy moments of past spent with near and dear once instead of just sweating around thinking about the uncertainty of future. A bit of time spend going through the age old album of memories; listening to that favorite music of lost love; having a quite weekend dinner of home cooked food with family at your living space instead of that lavish restaurant. A lazy hour of not so meaningful chatting with your little ones.

What stops us from all these happiness of Life, what refrains us from being ourselves? Or we are just binded this way! To sock the heat of man-made pattern throughout our Life. No question, no argument, follow the music and dance with the herd; the dance of Life. But why we need to follow the same scripted dance of Life? Because we are being served from the beginning with this script! Because someone made this for us and we have been following it for long! Why we can’t say a straight ‘no’ to this age old routine? Like the question, the answer lies within us as well. We are the master of our own deed. We are the one who choose what to follow. The same age old routine or to script our own. But we being ordinary choose the easy way out. Instead of getting into all the complexities of creating our own script, we simple choose to follow what is being served to us by the society.

At the end, after all these thought churning what I have realized, being ordinary or different is a call of each individual. However even being ordinary we can be different, we can be ourselves. Being in the herd, we can still be identical. Because from inside, we all are different; no human is alike. We just need to give us that time we needed from our busy schedule to be ourselves, to be passionate about something, to do what we wish to do. To see things with our own perspective, even be it foolish for others. To being thoughtful. We just need to learn to Dream!

A compilation of my jumbled up thoughts.

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