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writingThe essence called LIFE

Sitting below a machine I was trying to detect an error I had never witnessed in my life. The machine operator standing next to me looks at my observation as some kind of rocket science. Well, all I can say is that he has a huge misconception about my vast knowledge. While I was looking at a particular mechanically controlled electrical signal changing device (switch) using an ultra-heated tungsten filament element (bulb), there was an error in the transmission of electrically charged particles coming from the hydro-electric power generator via long windings of electrically insulated voltage stepping down devices (power cut).
Thankfully, now the hard hitting cacophony of various machines stopped. Staying inside for the last 3-4 hours I finally had a valid reason to take a break without the customer questioning my dedication towards my job. I walked towards the huge gate of the factory meant to take in/out the trucks carrying raw materials and finished goods. As I was walking towards the gate, I could slowly hear the rising sound of water drops. At the gate, I stand and looked towards the falling droplets, making semi-spherical hubs on the surface which lasted for a few seconds, before it got burst and a new hub got created.
I saw two kids standing outside in the rain. The first kid tilted his neck upwards to taste the water. The other kid (probably 3 years younger to him) followed. All of a sudden I felt a thirst to taste those falling droplets. Then I looked at myself. The red T-shirt I was wearing had a logo of some utterly disciplined Japanese company, which resembled more like a pizza hut uniform, prohibited me from doing so. There is one extremely awesome fact I Love about “mind”. It is impossible to bind it. The red T might be a stop signal for me, but it holds no strength to imprison my mind.
The condensed molecules of hydrogen and oxygen linked in a ratio of 2:1 falling due to the gravity, reminded me of the last rain I cherished long back.
May 2011
Me: abe sale chal na. mast baras rha hai paani.
Rajeev: paaagal hai be. Sala tabiyat kharab ho jayegi.
Me: abe chal na sale.
Rahul: chod na be iss ga**u ko. Chal na hum dono hi chalte hain. Ye to choo**ya hai.
Rajeev: abe sale. Tabiyat kharab ho gyi to ga** fat jayegi. Papers dene hain yar.
Rahul: dekhoo Rajeev. Tum amar choo**ya ho, aur sabit mat karo. Chalna hai to chalo nahi to Priyank k sath boom badam karte rho.
Me: abe chal na yar. Waise bhi sali last barish hai college ki.
[Well, that day Rajeev agreed to join us. However, now I must apologies to Rajeev and Rahul as I used all the abuses in their part of conversation. Kya karoon yar family wale bhi padhenge.]

There is one more very interesting fact about mind. It can link things and create a whole new sequence. My mind started to explore the glands of my brain which keeps a track of past experiences (memory).
Everything just exploded inside. The long nights of hostel, watching movies, playing cricket, baseless discussions and idiotic jokes. Witnessing T20 with 1000 more people on the roof of the mess. The huge shot by Dhoni in world cup finale in the auditorium ground.The kick ass birthday night, relationship me ane ki party, break up ho jane ki party. Class bunk krke movies dekhna, exams k time niche wali canteen me bhelpoori khana. Wo Sali canteen band ho gyi to hospital jana padta tha. Exams k time pe train ki awaz sun kar ghar jane ka wait krna, aur ghar se ane par college ki buildings  ka dikhna. Diwali me udhar maang ke bum phodna aur holi me kapde fadna. Ye Sali duniya bhar ki baatein exam wali raat discuss krna. Exam se ek din pehle notes Xerox karana, Xerox ke naam pe 3 ghante tehel k ana. Adde pe milne ki dhamaki dena, aur milne pe bas dealing deke laut ana.
The list is endless and while I was going deeper and deeper I could not resist smiling, until I noticed a guy standing next to me and looking at me with a weird expression.
“arre Sir. chaliye light aa gyi. Machine chalu karwaiye, bahut production ruka hua hai.”
I looked at the kids still jumping and dancing in rain. I looked at my red ugly T with grease and dirt all over it. I smiled again, I don’t know why? The funny mind made me do so. I know, I can never get back in time. I might never laugh that hard and that often. I might have to wait for a long time to meet my friends again. But I have this gift, this gift of my past life at college, with my friends.

There are two lines I will never forget in my life.
“Priyadarshan Srivatsava”- when my name [incorrectly spelled] was called during counselling
          [May 2007]
“chal yar. This is it. End of an era”-by me looking at the local entering the station.
           [May 2011]
Because in between these two lines, is a strong force. In between is my transformation of what my parents wanted me to be and what I will become. My thought process, my believes, my myths, everything. In between are the moments which I cannot classify as good or bad as they are perfect the way they are. In between is the memory of happiness, memory of fun and freedom. In between is the essence of my being, the essence called “LIFE”.

This write up is very close to my heart. may be because it has essence of college life, hostel life to be precise. hope you will feel connected to it.

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