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writingThe Man Who Penned His Death

After inhaling dettol,getting stitches,watching blood flowing through every part of my body by the insane and reckless blows of those hard hitters. I opened my eyes in a goverment hospital bed i was all covered by bandaids like a mummy. The view in front of me was not clear, it was a little blurry. I saw a man continuously asking my name and address , he was a stranger for me. After getting the news of me getting my sane the doctor came to me and told me about that stranger that he had saved my life. His name was Krishna. Krishna Kumar. I saw his shirt it was all covered with blood and sweat. The doctor advised me to take the pills which was in the plate placed by a nurse who made faces as she saw me. Krishna went out from the room and came after 5 min. with a packet of real juice and handed it to me. so after finishing my drink  he showed me a paper of my own diary in which i had engraved something which he failed to understand as it was "badly written" according to him and also it has stains of my blood. So he asked me about how i got these "tattoos"(stiches and wounds) on my I told him to hand me that page.
after looking at it. It reminded me of the hardest blow i got from that monster.
Krishna asked- "who the hell did this?"
I asked-"when and from where did you took me here?"
He answered-" You were all fucked up with blows of hands , baseball bats . I don't how but you managed to escape those killers. I found you near the Talkatora road stadium bus stand at midnight."
"Have you read this paper!"-I asked him while pointing my finger at the paper i had.
He exclaimed-"Are you fucking crazy, I can't understand any word of it. It seems like you had sticked mosquitoes on the paper."
I said-" this paper has all the answers of your questions. the things that happened with me were all in it."
He said-"were you writing in the paper when those assholes were tearing your skin !"
I told him that I had wrote this paper at the night of previous day of the incidence.
He said-" so  you wrote that before everything happened."
I nodded positively and that nod hurted my neck.
He said shockingly-" what are you? son of god!"
I don't know I just wrote it?"- I explained
His girlfriend came asking about me. I think she was sleeping in the next room on some vacant bed for patients.
Krishna  re-explained everything and put more emphasis on the last part of my conversation. where I had mentioned about Paper which explained my present state of health.So she mirrored his reaction which was obviously obvious..
I again felt a little drowsy so I closed my eyes and then i woke up after 1 hour.
the curious couple was still aiming at me, prepared to fire the questions round.
So they asked in unison-" Tell About it all!"
I agreed to tell them.

A Day Before "Beating Treat":

As a Normal person I was living my life. My life has family, their nagging comments , social life , their nagging comments , a girlfriend ,  her nagging comments  but her's resulted in love. I was a junior manager of the pharmaceutical company. I was all surrounded by medicines , Right medicine , left medicine all surrounded by medicines. I and my boss never talked to each other.He never looked at me . Even in the meetings he just looked at the presentation board representing the chart of success and profits. After getting the degrees and a girlfriend. I started writing a daily diary in which i confided about every day happenings. From tiffs to sex, everything was in it. Rashmi was my girlfriend , a pharmacist , we always met each other after office time to have a coffee and some talks about the recent activity we did. Actually due to these meetings and talks i dropped the idea to write the daily dairy. One day she didn't came to meet me at cafe shop stating the reason that she was busy in something related to her pharmacist work. So went back to my home.
My home is in Rashtrapati Bhawan.Residential area of rashtrapati bhawan.Father's a  government employee.
My Family had my  grand ma , parents , one elder brother. My brother was a photographer by profession "self employed". our home has two rooms including a drawing room. I usually , after meeting rashmi , came back to house around 09:30 pm.My family always scolded me to my late arrivals. They were so much moved by congress ,  pranab mukherjee , high-price , bills. so all there frustation was poured successfully in the scoldings and then were fired like bullets from their mouths. But like superman it didn't affected me as it was daily. But today I was hoping to see their smileys as I was at my home at 08:00 pm. But for them its not special.
I opened the gate and went in. grand ma & Maa engaged in Saas bahu serial , Father reading carefully the newspaper , Brother sitting on the sofa. So they all shifted their eyes at me and then the clock.
Then first bullet came from my mother -"OH ! Today he's back early." dishkiyaooon
 grand ma's turn-"Beta tere dosto ne tujhe laat mar di kya aaj!" Dishkiyaoon
Father's always silent he knew that daily soap had bugged their mind so he smiled and gave me glimpse through his paper.
Machine gun grand ma -"Look's like he had proposed a girl today and she had slapped him in front of his friends and then his friends made fun of him and he came back like a little baby , with his diapers wet." tattatatatatatatata!!!!!
brother laughed and said - "arrey ! Yar Vikrant go inside. Today they"ll kill you and destroy your ears."
I went in and washed my face with their water and went directly in my room.
My phone ranged. I disconnected the call and messaged that I'll call her in 5 minutes and left the phone on the bed.
After that I put the phone in silent mode. I went in the first room and sat next to my dad. He asked me about the work today. Brother's always checking out his shots. Mother came with Dinner I ate it and then mother served us ice-creams.
Mother asked-" Is it okay or I'll have to go Mac'D to buy you a ice cream."
Actually she once found bill receipt which i got from mac'D.
I left the ice-cream and stood up to go to my room
"I was joking."- explained mom
"Sit and eat."- grandmother said
I went in my room and looked at my cell phone It had a notification of 16 missed calls.
Rashmi was furious because my 5 min.'s were 45 min.'s.
I called her she ended the call. I thought she was going to call but she didn’t. I called her again. She texted me-"now feel the pleasure of waiting fool!"
I replied-"PLEASE PICK UP THE PHONE!" capital words put more emphasis on the request.
One day without her was not a day for me. I was obsessed with her and she with me.
So I called again. She picked up.
We talked. Felt great as usual. Started at 10:30 ended at 12:00 pm.
Obsession has no boundaries. Even if it had we were not close to that.
So that day I started thinking about the life without Rashmi and my job.
what if she left me, what if my boss deals with drugs, what if i came to know about the drugs and he send his minions to assassinate me. The thought was building in my mind. I tried to jot down it ASAP.I switched on the study table light and started jotting down my horrible thought. My brother was disturbed.
he said-"what is bothering you?"
I said -" nothing yaar! I had some work to do."
Must be writing a love letter for someone." - he said
I replied- "NO! Just some work from the office."
"Chutiya ho gaya hai tu."-He said and closed his eyes. I started writing it. Middle of the night and I am writing a fictional thought. I was really getting mad.
Well for “without rashmi”, I can’t even loose her in my thoughts. So I started writing.

I was at my cabin’s working at my laptop. There was a mail about the stock order which needed the manager’s signature so I printed the mail out. Suddenly the power went away. Boss called the electrician as it will put big effect on his success graph. I got up to have some air in the balcony where was boss was accepting someone’s deal on the phone. He was not prospagnosiatic but behaved like one. He saw me and made a stranger meeting gesture and escaped from there. I saw two black Mercedes from the first one two muscular body guards came who escorted somebody in our office building. My boss shouted on the electrician to rapidly fix the problem. The guy came in. He was stranger for everyone. My boss was shocked to see him but didn’t expressed his emotion. He greeted him. He had chains of gold like sanjay dutt in vaastav. My boss took him inside his office. Soon power came again I rushed to my office and thought 5 minutes about going to the room for the signature. Somehow I developed some courage and I peeped in from the hole of the door. My boss was engaged in opening a black briefcase. He showed it to the guest. I was shocked to see that my boss was dealing with drugs. I grew panicky and suddenly sweat glands got activated. Due to which my pen fell on the ground and I got down to pick up when suddenly my head banged the door. The door was open and the bodyguards clutched me tightly.One guard put his hand on my mouth , my boss told me to shut up. The man was the dealer of drugs came to my boss to deal. The dealer told me-“ shut up or I will kill you jerk!”
His bodyguards pointed their guns at me.
I said –“ok!”
My boss ordered me-“ come with me.”
He took me to the black Mercedes and told me to get in. I got in after some time the dealer came in and pointed his gun at me. Soon my injected a hallucinating drug in me through an injection. I crossed oblivion instantly. After 5 minutes I opened my eyes  the guards still pointed those guns at me but this time the guns were more. I saw the place actually it was the arsenal of drugs. drugs everywhere. Now my boss came with the dealer. I tried to speak-“sir…!”
He said-“ thanks Mr. Vikrant we heard you.”
Dealer said-“ Oh Vikrant ! his name ! I recently killed someone with the same name.”
My boss laughed and said-“So we will give him the same treatment we gave to that Vikrant.”
The dealer asked-“Do you have a girlfriend?”
I lied to him and said-“no!”
The dealer exclaimed –“ what a pity that asshole cannot even pull girlfriend out.”
My Boss said-“ I am sure you have dreams. Dreams about money , wedding etc.”
“Sure why not ! the asshole wants to be Dhirubhai Ambani.”- the dealer interrupted
“Look I don’t care about your life. You are no asset to me. If they killed you , It will not effect me at all. Main thing is I don’t wanna kill your zeal towards you dream.”-My boss said
The dealer told-“ there are two ways first, join hands with us and complete your dreams in the blink of an eye. And second , give us the privilege to excavate your grave.”
I closed my eyes in depression.
“Tough decision Mr. Vikrant.”- My boss said
“The evil way easy but lead to the grave.”-The boss sang
The bodyguard picked me up
“think , you have time tell us tomorrow about you decision.”-My boss said
They took me away to gole market , there was a building the took me to the top floor there was room construction was taking place in the room.
After 5 minutes , they punched , kicked used me like a punching bag. They were beating me with baseball bat . blood started flowing. One blow got my head I crossed oblivion again. Next morning I woke up and one of the monster was talking to the dealer. After the call he came to me and said-“arey bhai! The boss had ordered us to kill you. But if you agreed the offer than you will have a different life. So tell me.”
I nodded in approval . He smiled and took me to car. He went back to his the room as he forgot the keys of the car. I found the occasion useful. I pricked my teeth on the hand of the bodyguard. He loosed the
clutch. I started running towards the main gate. He said-“If you cross that gate I will shoot you.” But I didn’t paid any attention. I sped to the gate. His bullet aimed at my head and I was down .”

After reading the whole thing again I laughed and tore the last two pages and put them in my office shirt. I slept at 2:00 am. In the morning I got up late and as a consequence I arrived at the office late. I greeted my boss , he returned my greeting and mentioned that there was a list of drugs to be delivered to various chemist shops. he told me check it. I ran to my office but there was a thought circling round my head. "He didn't said anything, today I came late."- I thought. But I checked the report, His signature was missing on paper. I got up and went to his room which whose door was locked. I thought he'd be alone so I opened the door recklessly. I was shocked and saw a bag full of cocaine powder. There were two muscular bodyguards who clutched my mouth and one clutched my hand. My boss was panicked. The dealer was a female. She was like a supermodel. But women can carry more than one specialty.
He said-" You knocked the wrong gate Mr. Vikrant."
The dealer had gold chains and he pulled a gun out at aimed at me.
She said-"Oh! Vikrant! I recently killed someone of the same name."
That comment reminded me of my last night thought.
I checked to see my trouser for the two pages. They thought I was trying to escape from their.
So my Boss said-"Don't move Mr. Vikrant."
"If you tried anything stupid I'll fuck you with my Gun!"- She warned
"Just meet us outside in 5 minutes with your boss."- She said
The bodyguards went outside and my boss packed the bag and put that back in the almirah.
He said-"Join us today."
I went out from the office. My heart was beating fast. Adrenaline, sweat everything sprouted. Fight or flight mode.
Two black Mercedes were there. The lady opened the gate and gestured to come in. My boss went in the front seat. I was at the back seat with her. Her two bodyguards were in other Mercedes in front of us.
She asked-" So Mr. Vikrant do you have a girl in your life."
I Lied -"No.!"
She showed me the gun and said-" I have killed many assholes who raised their voice against me. All of them had some sort of weakness. Can you guess what their weakness was?"
I said-"No!"
My Boss answered-"Women!"
She said -" He's right. But you are different."
Although I was with danger but she really got the looks to kill anyone.
"Yes! He has dreams!"- My boss said
She smiled and said-"then we can deal with you. We can kill or turn you into a money machine."
Suddenly the image of Rashmi, Family and money came into my mind.
I remembered the page in which I mentioned the dealer was a male. But it's opposite She was female.
I cleaned the sweat. The car was air conditioned but still I was bursting in sweat.
The lady said-" you need some rest."
She hit the gun on my head. I lost my sane.
Soon I woke up and found myself in a room full of grenades, guns etc. It was an arsenal.
I was at my knees.
My boss said-" Good morning Mr. Vikrant! Welcome to your death."
She said- "Look hotshot! I don't wanna kill you dreams. Join our hands or lose your life."
Both are result oriented sides. One gave money and dreams the other will give nothing. Then again I gave a thought about the day when I wrote. It was quite like what I had described in the paper.
"Mr. Vikrant give us your damn answer we don't have all day."-My boss yelled
The bodyguards had pointed guns at me. All ready to deploy me.
Lady said-" give the boy some time it's not easy to choose."
I checked my pocket there were 2 pages. I opened them. My thoughts were now according to the paper. I felt like I knew what their next step is.
Lady said-" What's this?"
I said-" Nothing! It’s A love letter I prepared for a girl."
Lady said-" Oh! Love fucked your brain too."
Her cynic was because of that Love bug.
She told her guards something and then they confiscated my phone and took me in a car , not Mercedes, an ambassador. I was thrilled when I saw the place It was Gole market orange buildings the area has no people. They took me upstairs to the highest floor. There was a sofa at the back of that there was guns , some grenades . they throw me on the wall. I knew what they wanted to. They started punching and abusing. I developed a strategy to cover my head so that these blows don't affect my cranium. They used me like a ball, Hit me with baseball. I didn't let anyone hit my head. After some time they stopped I acted as if I lost my sane and they put me on the sofa. Everyone went out and locked every window and the door. I knew that I am not going to shake their hands. The evil way easy but lead to the grave.
So I woke after they all went outside. I picked up a grenade and gun. Put the grenade in my sock and the gun in the other sock. I went to sleep. I was all wounded but I managed and went to sleep.
Next morning the guard came and opened the room and woke me up
He asked me -" Madam ji! has ordered us to kill  you if you disagree. Bhai! Take your decision."
I asked him for water. He called someone to bring water. The latter came with a Bottle of water. I drank it and told him to take me to her. The two guards held me and took me downstairs. One guard was engaged in room. This time their clutch was not too tight it was easy to escape. We were close to the car. I took the paper from my pocket but it fell down. So I got down to pick it up I picked it and I also got the grenade. Pulled the pin out. My head was on fire. I pricked my teeth on one of the guard's hand, He escaped its clutch and put the grenade in his pant pocket. He was panicking. I started running rapidly but my leg was not helping me. I was trying hard somehow I ran out. The grenade exploded and everything ruined, the two guards, the car. I took the gun out and panicked a lot than usual. First time I killed somebody. The other guard came down running with his gun in his hands. He came looking for me. He saw at the main gate. He aimed his gun at me, He told me to stop ,I did. He aimed at me and pulled trigger. I was down........
I dodged that bullet by getting down. I aimed at him and pulled the trigger. He was down, I killed Him. My bloody clothes with patches of blood became red again with sweat. My face was full with blood. I went out from there. I tried to stop an auto. One stopped and the driver was shocked
He said-"Abe! Kiski ladki ko ched ke aa raha hai."
I said-" Arrey bhaiyya take me to Talkatora garden."
I was with a gun. The driver saw it and jumped from his auto. The auto crashed and again it activated my wounds and pain. I left the gun in the auto. I ran from their somehow I managed to get to the main road. I asked another auto driver to take me to Talkatora. He agreed and I was gone, again lost my sane ... and after that you know the rest......

This is a story about a normal guy who wrote his thoughts in a piece of paper. that piece of paper became his future.

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