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writingThe Leafy Witch


The Leafy Witch

Master Dedzz, an eight years old child was curiously listening to his two seniors, Master Toddy and Master Doddy; they were narrating him a spectral story of a witch named ‘The Black Widow’.

As per the legend, “The Black Widow resides in a top floor washroom of a palace turned school building complex of Master Dedzz, that’s her hermetic world. In past, many necromancers used to collect a naturally falling leaves of a banyan tree (with an extra precaution that the leaf should not had touch the ground) which has been rooted on left sidewall of a building complex itself. The whole structure has been releasing the negative vibes since ages, which makes the atmosphere very creepy indeed. However, the dared ones had gone to the mentioned washroom with those supposedly special leaves and after locking the door from inside they used to unlock the water tap and when the torrent of water falls on leaves, the leaves start turning into ‘The Black Widow’, slowly and slowly, until she displays her grand avatar no one can even twitch.”

After this polemic narration, Master Toddy and Master Doddy had persuaded his junior, Master Dedzz, to do the same, which he accepted willingly and thus his authority over twitdom was proved once again. After owning the unholy leaves, he had gone upstairs and locked the door, ignoring all the signs of demons, which came on his way like a crying dog, a black cat crossing his way, a dead crow, a temperature drop, an electrical interference etc.

Finally, without any hesitation, he rakishly opened the deadly water tap. Err! The rest is history! (R.I.P) 

Story of Dedzz

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