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writingThe Latent Part Of Me

After working for over 6 months, on one screwed up day I was told that my training period has been extended and that too not based on my performance but because somehow they realised that I lack in manner (I agree) and moral (I agree) and motivation. The reason they gave is that I don’t show any interest in working after 5pm. I would like to mention here that I am supposed to be working till 5 pm and there is no provision for any kind of over time to be paid in my company. I fought for myself, had quarrels with my seniors and finally (irritated) they all gave me my confirmation. Well, it is not the good news. I am not eligible for any kind of increment till March 2013. Well, Screw the confirmation.
Being a little disappointed I was thinking what I need to improve to make them have faith in me. The answer was simple. Work hard and get bonus. Now, somehow I started to calculate things.
Under given are my observations.
My normal total working hours = 8
Average increment = 10% of 20000 = 2000
Increased money in 1 year = 2000*12 = 24000
Working hours if I need a supercool increment = 8+2 = 10
Total extra hours in a month = (10-8)*22 = 2*22 = 44   ***[there are 22 working days]
Total extra hours in an year = 44*12 = (wait! let me use the calculator) = 528
Total number of extra working days = 528/8 = (calculator again) = 66 days
Salary for working 22 days = 20000
Salary for working 66 days = 20000*3 = 60000
Supercool increment = 30% of 20000 = 6000
Increased money in 1 year = 6000*12 = 72000

Total loss = (60000+24000)-72000 = 12000

Ohhhh yeahhhhh!
I know you are wondering, what the shit you all were doing trying to get an increment or promotion or may be just a praise from seniors. Well, screw the increment.
Look, if you are doing what you really want to do, then trust me you will always be happy. But, if you are trapped in some other space then dude, you need to get out of there. I know it is not easy as while switching there is a possibility of a complete black hole situation when you would have to face all the kind of oppositions. However, there is a possibility of a smooth transition as well. For that you will have to understand the under given passage.
For any job, you can come up with 3 types of performances.
1st one is a lame one. If you do this then you would be kicked out the company real soon.
3rd is the ultra-efficient performance. You show this card only if you want to stay in this job profile forever and ever. These people will get increment quarterly, promotion half-yearly and are praised almost daily. However, they are always over- burdened with their work. 
Now, there is one more category in between these two. People who get increment yearly, promotion 2 yearly and are praised rarely. This one is a safe zone. You can have a normal life and can have some spare time.
Bingo! Remember the 2 hours you save every day, well you must use them here to enhance your Latent Part. Every year the distance between you and your dream will decrease by 66 days nearly 3 working months. You might get a little late, but hey, better late than never.
You see, I can say a lot on this topic but since it is your personal “Latent space” it would be better if you yourself try to explore it. You must know that this is your life and no one else will give a shit about you, once you are dead. Even your loving parents will cry out loud, blame God and ultimately one fine day, they will also get over your death. Not because they don’t love you, but because they will realise that there is no point in crying for you because “Ram Nam toh satya ho chuka hai”.
I am sorry that I demotivated you by commenting on relations between you and your parents. You know I am often asked by people, how I manage to be such an optimist and trust me I find it very funny that all of my optimism is based on the world’s most pessimistic thought. Death.
Somehow, late Steve Job had already framed my thoughts in words.
You must always remember that you are going to die one day.

Well this write up is picked up from my personal life experience. i have attached a very unconventional calculation about appraisals. however these are not standard facts but i hope it can give you some pusg to follow your heart.

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