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The story is about a person named Sid who writes personal diary not about himself but other people daily life as a hobby. He has sections for every major person involved in his life. He does it by following them or through gadgets and then updates his diary under their name.
But suddenly he need money to buy a new gadget-world's smallest camera, he suddenly start using that diary to blackmail people in very unusual manner. He doest not blackmail the person whose secret he knows, he blackmail or ask money from people who needed that secret the most. For ex he helps a girl to get her college crush by telling his secret.
He never exposes himself and do it thorugh internet and blank calls.
and then ask money from them for his kind work. if somebody doest not pay Sid reverses the situation by breaking their relationship.
After collecting enough money for the camera he buys the camera but still continue blackmailing people and start controlling their life. But he gets taste of his own medicine when he lost this girl he love so madly because of his hobby.
He uses his hobby to get some guy to hook up with some random girl by telling him her likes and dislikes but because he heard something wrong on his microphone while sniffering, the situation completely reverses when Sid's crush gets hook up with that guy.
But in the end he decids to continue his hobby.

The story is about a boy sid and his diary in which he writes about other people secrets and then later in the story he uses those secrets to manipulate them.

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