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Sypnosis: Earning money quickly is not a bad thing provided you do it through a proper channel and hard work? Things get really ugly when you earn money through ways, which can have a negative impact on your personal and professional life.
The main character of my story is Aatish, a middle class Indian working as a journalist for reputed media organization. He has everything, caring mom, responsible dad, fun and loving younger brother and a girlfriend that loves him like mad. Still Aatish is not happy.
Reason: He wants to get rich to ensure that all his loved ones get the best out of life. His job is not going to give him that luxury. After all, he is only going to get Rs 25,000 a month, after three or four years, there is going to be a routine promotion where he is going to get a hike of Rs 3,000 or so.
When Aatish visualizes all this, he realizes that he needs to do something ‘extra’ in order to fulfill his dream. We Indians has a bad habit of looking into people that are much more financially sound, we do not compare ourselves with people that are below our financial scale. Despite having a good settled life Aatish decision to earn money quickly gives our story a complete u turn.
To earn money, Aatish decide to foray into the business of gambling, more specifically betting on cricket matches as all the Indians think that they are expert in this gentleman game. In the initial stages, Aatish target was to earn 25 lakh rupees and then say goodbye  to betting but is earning money through betting that easy?
After finding out bookie to place his bets, Aatish start getting involved in this business.
Initially everything goes according to plan, as a matter of fact he manage to generate Rs 5 Lakh in a matter of just a month. But to earn this money, he has to made lots of sacrifices.
Aatish is a different person now, he does not talk with his parents, he has no time for the girlfriend and more importantly his ambition of becoming a top-notch journalist is also in the backburner. What’s the point of becoming a journalist when he can earn huge sum of money by just placing bets and watching match on a television.
This sudden shift in Aatish attitude is a cause of concern for his loved ones. They are surprised what has happened to Aatish. Sadly, Aatish is not aware of the fact that there is no shortcut to success and even if you are going to taste success early, it is not going to last for a long period of time. After the initial success, things start getting bad and all his winning moves is now getting beaten left, right and center. Often, Aatish attribute it to the bad luck hoping that things will change and he will attain the objective.
Now Aatish is addicted to gambling and betting, his reputation is tattered, family members do not think very highly of him, he is in serious debt, girlfriend has left him and he is fired from the job. Simply put, promising career of a bright individual is more or less finished just because of the urge to earn money quickly. Will Aatish bounce back?
Will Family member is going to support him?

Story of how shortcut can ruin your life

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