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writingShackling the roots of merit

While India’s accession story was already lying in its coffin, the nails on the coffin was GAAR, perplexing laws and policies, logjam in parliament but what seems to be the last nail on the coffin is the bill for reservation in the promotion.  No country in this world aspiring to be amongst the developed leave alone wannabe world power would ever dare to pass this bill where caste takes the better of merit. India is that student of the class who wants to get the numero Uno position but never wants make a way out of guides and last minute questionnaires. The reservation in jobs is nothing more but a politics of vote bank. It is then appeasement of votes under the veil of concern for backward classes.

The English dictionary has fallen short of words for excoriating this draconian bill for the meritorious. While it withholds the right of advancement to the deserving one, it perpetuates the lagging one to lag. It does not goad the earmarked to perform better at any point of career. What adds injury to the insult is that the panel involved in the decision making is from the likes of Harvard, Oxford and IIT. When the crème de la crème of the academicians and government make such decision which see meritable in spite, it puts us only in despair. The flocking of the intellect seems to be the only matter of course with such blemished plan of action being put into implementation under the pretext of compassion. Seldom not the political leaders are seen blaming the lack of development to the absence of intellectuals and brain drain. But this is just like student who has resorted to all naughtiness in the class and then complains of teacher’s ire. With such policies you have forced the best ones to hunt for the nest that can help them grow the eggs of their talent and fly in the open air. No wonder the likes of Pranav Mistry, Rajat Gupta, Anshuman jain etc. are seen selling the story of west and not of India. With such bigotry and coercive policies, India is only throwing diamonds in the lap of the developed world and losing out on the competitive edge. When the union minister says IIT’s and IIM’s are no more world class institutions, the only answer in my panorama could be: “Mr. Minister, Introspect your policies.”

The backward classes who have fallen for the chicane through appeasing moves are at a great loss. Firstly, it never gives them a chance to be at par with the main stream. It inculcates a sense of obligation into their mind which in turn leads to diffidence. Consequently, this chunk of population is of very little use to the country and always serves to be a liability than an asset. But it seems our govt. is more interested in nurturing the liabilities than assets. Again, the mainstream who drudges to death for advancement sees it distributed for free to other classes, saying that their blood boils will only be a euphemism. The actual feeling is much more aggravated than that. It only widens the rift between the two streams. It sounds paradoxical that the policy created to merge the downtrodden into the conventional is the only one accountable for the breakup of social structure. The worst and the most heartening fact about this whole exercise is that we can do nothing but pay lip service. With very few options available for action, I am only left to say what our elders say when we commit mistakes: “Oh God, please inculcate some sense into their heads.”

It describes how reservation in promotion policy shall clap the wings of meritorious.

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