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"Power of Purity" is the biggest power which is certainly required in today's

scenario. Purity in heart, words and action is needed for everyone in present

time. In any relation of this world it is required even between husband and

wife. Marriage is considered as 'pure bonding' in our society but is it truely

pure? If we are in waiting for this relation at physical level and also for child

birth, is it purity? It should be dependent on the choice and agreement from

both the partners only and not as a social force.

If we change our view, marriage is an eternal company of two people who

share their happiness and sorrows to each other. It should be just like best

friends who have sharing and caring but with a feeling of purity. This will

also lead to a respect of women by a male dominant society.
In reference of child birth, we should think of those children who have lost

their parents. We can adopt them as our child.

'Purity' also means to stop those bad thoughts that lead us to involve in the

conflict of caste, religion etc.

The 'Spirituality' and 'Meditation' is a catalyst to make our mind free of bad


Its my view on purity which should be at mental, oral and action level.MAN, VACHAN AUR KARM ME PAVITRATA.

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