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writingNeed Peace

With my palpitating heart
hardly could I close my eyes
to drift into peaceful sleep -

Triggered violent emotions
stagger my heart valves
and slow down life's flow -

Unmindful I blabber and blabber
lisping cursed words -
and that's not my nature -

Cursed are my days now
lacking peace at heart -
everyone seems to my foe
conspiring behind me
wherever I go.

Facing challenges at life
failed to hurt me -
But, when hurdles 're thrown
at my child's way -
agitates my swollen heart!!

Hmm... there I found a medicine
to cure my pained heart -
slowly and slowly moving ahead
I slip into a hopeful trance
where no light fails to brighten
that shows the successful way -

In the technology ruled world, we need peace. Peace to live a life without stress.

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