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writingMy 18th birthday

 My 18th Birthday
After 2 days -"Happy birthday Rukshar" will be the common subject of many messages. After 2 days- My birthday. I am Rukhsar recently passed 12th class from commerce streeam.After 2 yeas of sharing love with each other and putting everyone's asses on fire with jealousy.It was all going great great with me and Rohan. Rohan passed 12th class from science stream recently. It was such an irony that I had my boyfriend dealing with chemicals, gravity and "computers" and I dealing with nagging "accounts". In 10th standard he joined our school at that time initially i hated him because of his shyness. He talked to everyone but me. Soon we talked , we expressed ourselves, and in no-time , our souls were connected with the unbreakable and invisible bond of LOVE. When my sister came to know about the relationship she ordered me to leave him. but inside me I was thinking -"Is it that simple to leave, what the hell is wrong with you?" but instead i lied to her and told that I already  said no to him it was just a rumour.After that incidence whenever she saw him she started throwing all her bad words from her mundane vocabulary, just to see my reaction but it didn't made me angry it just increased  my love and affection for him twice everytime. Vikrant is our mutual friend, actually the feeder of help.He's our Mr. Know-It-All friend. We shared every thing of our life with him. He's our best-friend with whom we confided more than our diaries.He never ignored our problems irresspective of how insane our queries were.Once me and rohan ran into a fight which resulted into a break-up. But Vikrant handled and solved the miff so dexterously that we said to each other -"It's Vikrant magic baby. he connected us again."After that patch up we didn't expressed our relationship and as a consequence stalkers, pass-my-proposal type guys came into my life which filled my fb and phone inbox completely with their playboy type messages. Every time they talked to me they always sound "playboy style."Vikrant had named them "majnu". But it never diverted my mind from my own Majnu. I loved my majnu-Rohan.

2 days ago - Dilemma Discussion

After talking to Rohan I slept at 4:00 am. Continously for 2 years we were engaged in talking at night by covering our faces with blankets and whispering so that no one can disturb our love conversation.We were discussing about my birthday.
He asked-"What do you want for your birthday gift?"
I replied romantically-" Nothing just A jug full of your love and some choclates."
He asked me if i wanted to do something "special" as it was my 18th birthday.
there's one thing i told him once that i wanted to have sex @ 18.
But Sex at the age of 18 is taboo for indian girls. So I was in a dilemma of choosing what is right. One part of me was saying to me - Go have sex and enjoy!!!
but the other was not confident about the plan.
I have celebrated 17 birthdays but this one is quite hectic. I woke up at 12:00 pm. The ray of sun fell on my face.I felt fresh. But as I stepped out from the room. Every family member stared me and darted their eyes on me. But i ignored it  and went straight to the bathroom which was already taken by my elder sister. So I stood outside waiting till then my family started nagging me.
Grand mother mummbled to my mother-"Finally the "princess" came out."
my mother helped ignite the fire-"Hmm! maharani was deep in her dreams."
Father remained silent and went out
Mother-"Have you ever bothered looking at the clock. We bought that for you girls."
Grandmother told-"In our days we woke up at 5:00 am and then we went to jungle to collect the woods for fire and you......Huh!!!"
I said-"Ammi we have a gas connection and I think it doesn't need wood to run."
Mother said-" Zabaan Dekho!!!! ready for arguement."
grandmother said-"Tauba-Tauba , This girl will never get married if she'll have the same behaviour."
Mother asked me apologize to my grandmother. but she intersected her and told her one more fact of her golden days of how early waking up is connected with getting married. After expressing tantrums in their words they finally stopped.
After having brunch at 12:30 pm. I watched T.V but dilemma was circling around my head. I already told rohan about it but he didn't replied. He was also dumb-struck .So at 3:00pm . I went to Vikrant's house and aksed him about "what to do at the 18th birthday." As my own google he searched his mind and advised me to have fun at the disco but  I added that i wanted to celebrate it with Rohan only. He told me to have a romantic date as usual but i am turning 18 and it's not usual. I wanted it to be special one.  So after a gap of 2 minutes google answered-"Have sex." This answer was part of dilemma so i told him about it.
He said-"Just saying I love you doesn't mean you love him/her. Putting it in action makes it more affective."
I said-"I am not confident yaar!"
Vikrant-"yeah! waise bhi sex is taboo amongst girls."
I said-"Rohan didn't answered me when i told him about it."
Vikrant-"He must be acting shy."
"I don't know"-I said
Vikrant-"why don't you ask Nikki about it. She is exprienced."
I had heard many things about her that she had sex when she was in 10th with 2 guys simultaneously. The whole class was smiling on her face,but on her back they called her a succubus bitch! Although I and her talked a little. But today i needed her to increase my self confidence.
After leaving from Vikrant's
I went to meet my friend Meenaxi. Meenaxi was one of my good friends. She asked about the plans of my 18th birthday.I told her that i want to have sex with rohan.She said that I sound too horny.She advised me to drop that plan. so curiousity increased in me and i asked her-" why are you telling me to drop that idea?"
She answered me-"Look if you'll get married to some one else in the future then it'll be not funny when your husband will know that you are not virgin.''
I was perplexed.
she added-"you can't tell if a boy's virgin but u can tell whether a girl is virgin or not."
A slight thought came into my mind
First was to drop that idea and second  slapping that son of a gun vikrant.
Meenaxi advised-"please take your decision carefully."
I went back to Vikrant
Vikrant came smiling but I said-"Oye Kaminey! you didn't told me about after effects of sex.
He was surprised and asked -"what effect??"
He answered-"There's one effect of getting pregnant or having AIDS if your partner's a HIV patient.
I said-"I Know about them I am asking about others."
Vikrant-"what others? Go talk to rohan. I don't know how he handled such a maniac for 2 years."
I became calm and then asked again about the detection of virginity.He was a bio student  so he knew about that virginity thing.So he asked -"who the hell told you about it?"
I said-" Meenaxi"
He said-" Oh! that bahen ki takki."
I said-" yeah you can say so."
He said-" Chuaupa yaar!!"
it's his phrase for "shit". so he went in his room and came with his 12th class biology book. Turned the page no. 46 and showed me the italic styled line stating-
In some women hymen persists even after coitus. Presence or absence of hymen is not a reliable indicator of virginity.
so it made my nerves cool and after that
vikrant asked-"I told you to ask nikki about it but you asked that "chaaupi" about it."
chaaupi means maniac.
I said-" I know but she's my friend too. she asked my plans so I told her."
Vikrant got angry and said-" Yaar we read the subject but some guys just ruin it by giving annoying facts recklessly."
I said-"Okay cool down! I will ask Nikki.
So i texted meenaxi she had her contact number.So i asked her to send me that number.But she refused it and called me asking to come and meet her.
Meenaxi-"Hey! why do you need that bitch's number?"
I said - "I want to ask her something?"
Meenaxi told-"and that something is about Sex..right?"
"Right"- I said
Meenaxi said-"why don't you understand it's not good!"
I said-"I just read about detection of virginty in bio-book."
meenxi again-" oh your chutiya friend vikrant told you...huh!"
I said- " He didn't told me. He showed me."  
Meenaxi said-" Girl YOU ARE ABOUT TO GO DOWN!!!"
I said carelessly-"Whatever ! just give me the damn number."
meenaxi got miffed and said-"go talk to that succubus."
I confirmed-" yes for sure!!"
So at 6:30 pm evening I called her and somehow asked her to meet me at my house.She said okay and accepted to come.

1 day ago-The real face of the succubus
At 12:05 am Rohan texted me- “sorry baby can’t talk to you today, I am tired. Love you so much <3 <3 <3.” So I slept silently but instead of peaceful sleep I was thinking about all the possible reactions of nikki after hearing my problem. I was rolling on my bed like a roller. I was really troubled about rohan’s  reaction, Nikki’s reaction. But after 30 minutes I closed my eyes and crossed oblivion. That day I woke up early in the morning because of the dilemma. It really troubled me a lot because trying something taboo is close to doing something extraordinary and you have to think thousand times before doing something extraordinary. As I stepped out from the room there was sweet chirruping of birds and sun rays were just outlining the skies.  It didn’t touched the surface. It was little cold due to those morning breezes. My grandmother saw me
She said-“ wow! Our young princess came today early!”
I thought she again was throwing tantrums but this time she appreciated my deed. I went to the bathroom brushed , bathed and dressed and had a beautiful 6:00 am tea prepared with appreciation of my grandmother. Mother came out of her room and saw me
She said-“Allah maaf kare! Beti are you all right?”
I replied-“no I am alright.”
Mother pointed her finger to the clock and asked-“can you see over their?”
I said-“yes!”
“Its 6:30 maharani ji. How did you managed to pull such a difficult task?”- she asked
I said –“nothing I wanted to wake up so I got up.”
Grand ma appreciated my deep but mother her sarcasm will never get over
Mother said-“looks like sun has changed his direction today.”
I said –“ stop it ammi.”
My grand ma stretched her cheeks and laughed. Soon father came out.
He said-“rukhsar ! “
I replied to his call
“the comments of the previous morning showed their result quiet brilliantly…!” he said
I said-“ya! You can say so!”
He appreciated me and pointed his finger to my elder sister who was still enjoying her dreams
I said to my grand mother-“can you please say the same words to her too!”
She smiled and nodded positively.
At 10:30 am nikki came to my house. She was beautiful girl. Her cheeks pink, lips red, eyes brown with a good figure. So she entered our house. My mother looked at her and replied to her “Namaste”
Sensing her presence I came out from my room. She smelled of roses.
“so b’day girl how’s you?”-She asked
“good! How’s you?”- I asked
She relied-“you can see me how do I look!”
I smiled and gave her a appreciation gesture with my fingers.
She said –“I heard rumours about you and rohan’s break-up!”
I said-“yes! But actually that’s a lie.”
She raised her eyebrows in shock and enquired –‘lie! But why?”
I replied –“ I didn’t want to express it publically.”
She said-“okay!”
She enquired me about the seriousness of our relationship to which I responded positively as I loved the guy so much.
“so your 18th birthday is tomorrow!”- She asked
I said –“ yes but I am confused ?”
She said –“ about what?”
I really didn’t wanted to discuss it with the “ succubus bitch”. But that vikrant suggested me. Kamina advise acchi deta hai.
So I started. Her eyes were so looking straight into my eyes. Which stopped me hiding something from her.
She asked-“ so…! What is your problem?”
I said-“ I am really looking forward to have sex with rohan at my 18th birthday.”
“So what ! go ahead and enjoy!”-She interrupted
I pulled my fact-O-pedia-“but it is prohibited amongst girls.”
She said-“ what ? who told you this! Is there a law regarding sexual intercourse.”
She added –“ look at me !”
“why not! you are a popular girl”- I said to myself
She said –“ I know you people are jealous especially boys I know that you guys have named me “succubus”.”
I said shockingly-“ how do you know ?”
“I ignored everyone it doesn’t mean that I can’t hear them.”- she replied
I said-‘don’t you think it is bad for you !”
She said-“Look I care for my character , because my character is what I think about myself.”
I interrupted-“ but what about your reputation its important too.”
She explained -;” I know it is necessary too but reputation is what other’s think about me. None of them calls me bitch except those desperate boys.”
I said-“boy’s disrespect you a lot”
She said-“I don’t know what those dickheads disperate people get by calling me names.”
“all day they create fantasy and masturbate while in reality they got no chance with me. This frustration remained persistent in their mind and bugged it “-she added
“they say that you had sex with 2 guys in 10th”-I asked her
She told-“first I had it when I was in 11th and there was only one guy involved.”
I said –“so are you sharing the relationship with that guy right now……?”
She said-“yes we completed 2 years together. We love each other.”
She explained-“Look sex is nothing but an expression of love which cannot be explained. You can experience charm only.”
I said –“ I can’t do it I am not confident.”
She said-“look it’s automatic. You cannot force yourself to do it. If you are pushing yourself than you are just ruining the charm.”
I told her about meenaxi’s verdict on it.
After laughing loudly she called her an idiot and asked me to not pay attention what she had said. At last after discussion.
She finally said-“look! You’ll experience pain but embrace it and replace it with your love and affection!”
I asked her –“ is there any side effect?”
She said-“yes!”
Her that comment and I held my heart
“What is it?”- I asked with deep curiosity
She answered-“it may change your love into lust and can make you a bitch! Sex is like alcohol. Drink it but in limits. Never take lust in you accounts.”
I said –‘okay! But what about love ?”
She answered-“for love! Sky’s the limit. Be confident.”
We came out from my room. I walked with her to my house’s gate. She said bye and told me to enjoy the LOVE.
I held her hand and asked her –“but with whom you are sharing the love.”
She smiled and told me-“ look don’t tell anyone. Its your google vikrant.”
At evening 6:30 pm rohan came to meet
Vikrant. Rohan was going through the same dilemma. So he went to “google” his problem.
Vikrant said-“ rohan! Are you ready for the 18th birthday?”
Rohan was puzzled-“yaar ! you already know what she wants! It made me weak at my knees. My ass is on fire.”
Vikrant-“so you are not confident?”
Rohan-“yes you are right!”
Rohan added-“yaar! I love her and how can I do this to her?”
vikrant’s pupil dilated with shock said-“you are not killing her. You are not doing anything wrong. Don’t worry!!”
Rohan-“what if…!”
Vikrant raised his eyebrows in expectations
Rohan stuttered-“what if….! She got pregnant !”
Vikrant said-“man! What the hell is wrong with you. You are a science student. You know how to take precautions.”
Rohan said-“yaar there’s still fear!
vikrant said-“ o chutiyamatic mind! Don’t worry. Just let the love take control.”
Rohan said-“ you are saying like you did it.”
Vikrant smiled and said-“ look! Don’t worry be confident. Let her take the move.”
Rohan said-“thanks bro!”
Vikrant told him-“ thank me later!”
7:00 pm  :- I was at my house watchin a movie titled JUNO on pix. It was based on teenage pregnancy. I watched the whole movie and confusion jumped up high in me. I rushed towards my phone on the bed and called Nikki.
Nikki-“hello!  Rukhs whats up!”
I-“yaar! What if I got pregnant.”
Nikki-“where are you right now?”
I answered-“at my house watching a movie.”
Nikki-“ switch that idiot box , I know you are watching a sex centred film.”
I -“yeah! How do you know !”
Nikki-“ common sense yaar ! ok come out from the now!”
I followed her order obediently.
Nikki-“Listen to me! Be confident the medical store has protection and rohan is not an idiot. He knows how to buy that protection. So just be confident  and let him make the first move.”
I said –“okay !”
Nikki-“ be confident and let him do it first.’
I said-“ I get it.  thanks!”
And ended the call.
At night 12:00:-
“happy b’day rukhsar” was the message on my phone by rohan. After that vikrant , nikki and playboys and some relatives texted me. The playboys were sending messages after messages. One message was-“ happy b’day may god give you the power to love again.” So to stop the disturbance I logged in facebook and shared a comment –“thanks everyone for wishing me!”
So that the playboys can rush their and pull their own styles. I logged out and called rohan.
Rohan-“hey b’day girl.”
I said-“so! Where are we going to to tomorrow?”
Rohan-“yaar ! my family is going out to meet some relative. I have to take care of the house.”
I said-“so you’ll be alone !”
Rohan said-“Why don’t we celebrate your birthday at my place.”
I agreed to the idea and he told to come at 1:00 pm. To his place.
I confirmed it and said –“ sure ! I will be there!”

The Day- Rollercoaster Ride of love

After a peaceful sleep I again got up early. The weather was cloudy. Black clouds all over. But this time grand ma said-“now I know why she’s waking up early.”
I said-“tell me why?”
Mother explained-“Haan! To get the money from us to celebrate her b’day with her friends she impressing us by waking up early.”
I held my head and prayed-“God! Please make them stop!”
After having breakfast.
Father asked about my plans (If any)
So I told him that I had meet a friend
He asked-“ who friend?”
I said-“Meenaxi”- I lied.
Father said-“ okay ! we’ll have dinner at 8 o’clock.”
I said –“okay.”
I got ready for “the treat”. I selected a top blue color and jeans to wear. I saw the clock It was 12:30 pm. Rohan’s house was in g-point while mine was in Rashtrapati bhawan. The builidings of g-point were all monochromatic. They both have the same colour “red”.But rohan’s building was Grey. I rushed to his house. Soon rain started heavily I had just reached the talkatora garden to reach on time I kept on walking.
I was fully drenched by the big drops of rain. Somehow I reached his house which was on the second floor . I ringed his door bell. He opened the door and saw me strangely. He welcomed me in his house there was no one. He gave me the towel and handed me his t-shirt and shorts and pointed his to the bathroom and ordered me to change my clothes. His clothes were little loose for me but still I managed. He took all the wet clothes and hanged them in front of the table fan. The rain was still heavy. He made special ginger-tulsi tea for me. He went out in his balcony. I followed him. After drinking the tea I placed the cup on the table and hugged him from his back. We came back in the room. He went in his room and cleared all the mess after cleaning he called me in his room. He showed me his family photographs. The photographer had captured every detail of his family from fake smiles, dark lipsticks , heavy make up and everything you can highlight in Indian fat weddings.
I started shivering. He switched off the fan and put a blanket around my shoulder but I covered my body with it and placed my head in his lap. He played with the curls of my hairs.
He asked-“do you want another cup of tea.’
I replied –“ no ! just stay with me.”
I felt more connected then usual.
He asked me about where’s my family taking ,me to dinner.
After some time he held my hand.
I thought he was making the move. A slight fear came in my mind. But I remembered what nikki had told me-“ let love take control.”
I said-“I love you! Rohan.”
He said-“ I know, I do too!”
Soon everything became silent. We can only hear the sound of rain drops – tip tip tip
We looked each other. He was smiling at me. I smiled back we were staring each other’s eye. It was hypnotizing me. I felt the urge to kiss him. But he intiated and placed a kiss on my forehead.
I held his face and kissed him. Soon were both hypnotized. Our breaths tangled with each other. Our were pulling us like one magnet pulls the other magnet.
Soon our lips sitcked. The only thing separating our lips was “ the need of breathing air.” Breath was playing its role in pulling and separating us. With the flow of time our romance was becoming more intense. We were pulling each other’s sensual strings and created a romantic harmony. Our body temperature was hot. We wanted to remove clothes but …..we were both waiting for the move.
But as we stepped forward our intense love made us remove our clothes. At that no thought came into my mind no nikki, no juno, no vikrant. As we were prepared for the “plan”. The magic , the charm was increasing the blood flow in my veins. We were two animals , we were wild. The love was making us touch the cloud 9 but the orgasms were making us more intense. It was like roller coaster ride. What happened was part of the dilemma. After the “ride” we ate pizza ,cake , and drank pepsi. He hugged and kissed me. The wet clothes were dried. I put them on and we walked out from is home to meet vikrant.
On the mid way I asked rohan-“do you know who’s vikrant’s girlfriend?”
Rohan shocked-“vikrant has a girlfriend?”
I said-“ yes and you know her.”
Rohan enquired-“who?”
I answered-“ NIKKI!”
rohan-“oh ! that girl!”
I told him-“ she’s not what you think. I know how she is.”
To calm he’s curiosity I told him about our conversation.
We entered rashtrapati bhawan. we met vikrant he was with nikki.
I said-“hey! Nikki Hey! Vikki.
Rohan –“vikrant you had a girlfriend you didn’t even told me.”
Vikrant-“Look everything is good when it is on the right time!” It’s all about timing !”
Nikki smiled and asked –“How was your LOVE.”
I said –“it was……!”
Rohan looked at me
I told them-“It was superb. We were animal.
It was hypnotizing. It was wild. It was not sex. It was love.”
Vikrant smiled and nikki appreciated and rohan and I ……….were attached by unbreakable bond.        

The story is based on teenage sex.

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