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She seldom thinks about it
Never has she thought of saying
The things that changed her, the storm that got her lying
On the wet grass numb of all she was feeling

She saw him she saw her yell
An infant mind infected with thoughts of hell
She took it as it came, sometimes a rebel sometimes calm
Everything she thought she had slipped through her palm

Why did she not think of my tender age? Why did she not respect the loyalty?
She could have seen what she did to her
She robbed her of her childhood and all her feminity
She had no other way out sometimes she quietly wept sometimes she screamed out loud

She tried forgetting all along, but thoughts of disturbance creep up always
Haunted by the thoughts she recedes into a dark corner every time
Will someone relieve her of the dirt and grime?
Blasting music and a cold tear are her companions on such days

Now she has changed and her love is all that she can see
But what she did comes back again to wipe off that glee
She thinks to herself “I will live with this all my life,
My love for you is the same but oh mother I wish I could teach you to be a better wife!”

One of the songs that I wrote during my discovery of life

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