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OMG!!This day light savings time is wreaking havoc in my life. It makes me wake up in the middle of the night like 3.30 a.m., 4.00 a.m…….Yesterday for instance I woke up at 3.45 a.m. Tell me, is this any time to wake up? I really wanted to know I'm the only one suffering from this or any other out there has the same problem as mine. I took a sneak peak from my window to see………..oh!oh!what is this??? I tiptoed to my living room, pulled the blinds of the balcony. As the blinds slid either side , a beauty unfolded in front of my very own eyes. I stood there thunderstruck. I stood there without blinking my eyes. I stood there with my mouth ajar. If my eyes had the ability to type it would've done justice to what I saw. Since my fingers are typing, it's struggling for the right words to describe the beauty. I peeked out of my window thinking that I would see dark morning but what I saw was white night. Yes people, the entire outside was encompassed by dense white fog. It felt like all the clouds of the world got dumped outside of our building. It felt like a colossal white cotton candy bobbing around. I didn't want to take my eyes off of the beauty. I didn't want to sit and enjoy the beauty either. I wanted to go out and feel the "thing". I did all my morning obligations with my eyes and mind on the beauty. As soon as I heard my husband & son waking up, I got into my shoes, attached myself to a jacket, plopped Titanic orchestra(lyrics wont work for me)into my ears and tumbled down the stairs (to avoid array of questions) and pushed open the door to the building.

As I laid my first step on the ground, the fog embraced me as if it was waiting for me to come out. I stood there without knowing what to do. As if the fog understood my predicament, it started moving away from me. I followed its path as if I was in a trance. As I reached our parking lot, I gaped at the cars covered by the fog. I tried to find our car but couldn't. The fog moved further as if it was saying "enough finding your car, let's see something else." I followed the fog meticulously. There was no single soul outside except the soul that lost her mind to the fog. I reached the end of the avenue and stopped in bewilderment. The fog had made a bridge between the tall trees and the sky. Before my eyes could catch the scene, the fog drifted away from me further. With that titanic stirring my soul, I continued my journey with the fog. It took me to the playground to brag its beauty. It showed me the grass and boasted its beauty. Finally it took me back home where I belong. With heavy heart, I bid adieu to the fog that showed me the serene beauty I have never seen before. I closed the door to the building and started climbing the stairs. I took the first step and turned back. The fog was still there as if waiting for me to go in. I took the final step and turned back, it was gone so was my serenity. I opened my apartment door and the household duties embraced me. Ah………….

This write-up is about the nature that treated my eyes with its beauty.

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