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writingMein zimmedaar hoon

Scene 1:
At a Bus Stop in Mumbai:
An ordinary looking man in light colored formals with a laptop bag slung on his shoulders, boards a crowded BEST bus. We hear the conductor pulling the string to ring the bell and the bus departs.
The camera cuts to an advertising hoarding on the bus stop; it’s an appeal from Mumbai Police to fight terrorism.
Back in the bus, the common man who couldn’t find a seat stands next to his competition for a seat. This competition is a young college kid who is lost in the music, with headphones wired to his cell phone.
Suddenly, the seat is vacant. The ordinary man and the kid tackle each other to occupy seat. Common man wins! College kid stares at him and moves ahead into the crowd.
Common man’s grin is like his boss has patted his shoulder.
Scene 2:
A female News Reporter with microphone in her hand breaking bomb blast news in a BEST bus. It is live from the spot where it occurred. The camera zooms to a charred remains of a headphone (the headphone is similar to that of the college kid in the previous scene). It pans out to a TV screen at the common man’s home. (The same man from the bus)
Closer look at an expressionless face of the common man.
Scene 3:
Camera closes in from an entrance door to an open register with an unknown hand scribbling on it. We hear a voice, "Blast ke liye mein zimmedar hoon." The police hawaldar partly shocked, partly feared goes clueless at the sight of a possible terrorist standing right across the table.
Scene 4:
Flashback: (black & white)
Back to the Bus scene, in Black and white mode, the common man is enjoying the seat he won, all of a sudden, he tries desperately to remove something from his pocket, and his face is tensed. He struggles for a while and removes his handkerchief to cover his face, but sneezes abruptly before he could cover his face and his handkerchief falls down.
When he bends down to pick it, he notices a bag under the seat. This terrifies him to death. His face looks all confused now. Ponders for a while, looks here and there and then suddenly gets down. He looks up as if thanking god, signals for a rickshaw and disappears.

A Short film script with a social message. Its for the Contest on TUMBHI

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