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Looking for Perfect Match? . . .

You must have observed people complaining about their perfect match, but what does a perfect match really mean? Is that really a comparison between the expectations and realities or it is finding out a person who can really live with you happily? Think it over..

Marriage today is simply becoming a formality which gets fulfilled at certain time as per plan. Whereas in reality it demands many exercises without which it creates lot of uncertain & undue issues. It is not simply saying yes or no for the candidate, but to realize the values of your understanding on upcoming phase of your life.

Every male or female has their own individual expectations for the perfect match they are looking for, but the important thing is to be ready to mould your mind according to the upcoming situations. Marriage in reality is like a game of lemon and spoon. Balancing is inevitable.

The most important part of marriage is bride. God must have taken more than enough time to create the most magnificent creation of this universe. It is really a matter of appreciation that knowing or unknowing the facts brides come forward to leave everything behind and go with bridegroom. It is a sign that brides trust everybody with the closed eyes like a child.

If you know how to handle a child, you can better handle a marriage. Handling child does not mean to fool the relationship, but to win the trust. You must have seen many children go out of control, not because they are like that but because they have lost the trust of their parents. It is the simple psychology to push break when the roads are not clear, than why do we raise our Minds for the issues which can be handled by silence?

Think it over. . .

Marriage in reality is like a game of lemon and spoon. Balancing is inevitable.

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