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writingLife is a journey

The True Meaning of Journey
Life is a journey. Sometimes the journey may be rough and we may fall to the ground and get hurt but we should always remember to stand up every time we fall. Life is about making choices in which path should we take. It is the time to choose between the two roads, the one which shall be taken and the one which shall be left untaken.
Everybody is afraid to fall and get hurt by others but that is part of life. We cannot live without being hurt and experiencing how to fall. Being a good person may be being a bad person in other people’s opinion. The good things we do today may be forgotten by tomorrow. Those are the bittersweet slices of life. Bitter because it hurts to realize that others don’t appreciate your goodness yet sweet because it feels good to do good things. My Values Education in high school said that all persons were born with goodness, so I was born with goodness within me. In my everyday life, simple things like helping the elders, helping in my classmate’s assignments, lending money to those who have empty pockets and other good doings are easily forgotten by so much people. I also feel bad whenever other people gives bad impressions about me even if what I’m doing is good. It really hurts to face on such kind of situation but it won’t stop me from doing good things.
A friend that wipes your tears during failure is much better than thousands of hands that clap on your success. Gaining success may mean gaining false friends and true enemies. There will always be person who will envy our success and will pull us down and others are like the mosquitoes. False friends are like the mosquitoes, bloodsuckers! Like the mosquitoes which are just there for the blood, they are just there as long as they can get something useful from us especially in the peak of our success. Even if that is the case, my determination to achieve for success is still nit shaken. I’ll strive for success and excellence.
Building a house will take so many days but when an earthquake comes, the house will be destructed for just a few seconds.  It is always hard to build something and easy to destruct. It feels bad when someone destructed the one you build for so long hours, days, or even years. Those people who don’t know the importance of time and don’t know how to respect one’s time. Is that easily forgiven? We must forgive them and continue to build no matter what happens.
I can’t control how others will treat me, yet I have control in how I choose to treat others and that is all that mattered. Even if how many times people has forgot my good deeds, even if people are unreasonable, illogical and self-centred, even if we earn false friends and true enemies, even if I become vulnerable, even if I will continue to build in my whole life, and even if I get kicked in the teeth and I will continue what do I think is right. At the end of the day, it is never between me and them but between me and God which my main concern is to please Him in everything that I do. In addition, if I want to change the world, it must start in my own self and sooner or later it will inspire the others to change.
Growth is part of all human life. It is the thing that gives satisfaction, accomplishment and meaning in our life and it is a continuous process of developing ourselves. The decision to grow is the choice to take control of the future. It is a choice in which whatever will be the result should not be blame to other people.
I am the master of my soul and I am the captain of my life. Nobody can dictate what should and I shouldn’t do in my life. My decision to grow is my own choice and what may be the consequences will be my responsibility. This is the time to choose between the two roads. This time around, there is no turning back. I chose to make my contribution bigger than my reward. The reward doesn’t matter because it just serves as incentives, what matters here is what my contribution will touch others lives and my purpose. An example of this is participating in fun runs and joining programs which aim in helping the poor people and the environment.
Life is too short so I should enjoy life to the fullest and cherish every moment. As a student, it should be balance. There should be enjoyment and studying in the same time. Studying may be boring too so there should be enjoyment. Students like should take every activities and experiments as if it is a game so there will still fun.
Money is a good servant but a bad master. We should not let money control our mind. We all know that engineers earn a great amount of salary but even if that is true, I am not taking engineering for that reason. I don’t let the brilliance of money blinds from my own purpose. I chose this because I want to contribute to the advancement of the human society and the development of the human life.
Life is not about looking back and wishing that today is the same as yesterday. Life is about accepting, moving on, accepting the changes and looking forward to what makes you stronger and complete and that is what you call growth. As a person, I make the past as a useful thing because it is rich with experiences that are worth thinking about in new ways — and all of these valuable experiences can become raw material for creating an even bigger future.
Life is a journey. If you do not step forward, you’ll always be in the same place.  Life’s true meaning is to continue to please God in every step we take in the road and not the other person around us, every conflict that we will encounter that may be cause of other people or other reasons as long as we know and do what we should do, we growing in our life.

The true menaing of journey

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