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writingHow high did TDKR rise


Now that all the hoopla around “The Dark Knight Rises” has finally subsided, I thought I would express what my fair assessment of the movie was. I declare that all of this is my own judgment or interpretation, and to any ultra loyal fan out there I have just one request to make, please spare my life!!!


The title of TDKR symbolized a situation of a phoenix rising from the ashes, what with the bad name our friend had earned after his interaction with a certain Mr. Harvey Dent, and this movie was supposed to be his platform of resurrection. Well, the way the phoenix rose made me doubt the very ashes from which it rose. But then I reflected at the ashes and the face of our very familiar Mr. Joker reflected itself, which led me to a sad conclusion: The ashes were just fine. The problem rested solely with the phoenix.


To be fair to the phoenix, he deserved some more screen time. But I think we can argue in the same lines about the plethora of stars we had on display (not to mention the infinite extras). Even Bane looked like a replica of Agneepath’s Sanjay Dutt with a mask (Yeah!!I think a movie like Agneepath can also be credited with teaching a thing or two to Hollywood. Bollywood would be bustling with joy) and a loudspeaker generated voice (which was anything but menacing). Fans argue that Bane is supposed to be just a muscle man, but I thought he showed how brainy he was in the first scene of the movie (which incidentally is just one of the two really good scenes in the movie). It was a pity that his brains just stopped working after that. But as you all know, love can do strange things!!!


Coming to Bane’s love interest, I was of the idea that she too was one of the numerous fillers Nolan had used until the climax, where her actual identity is revealed. Mr. Nolan, why pray did you choose this girl to play the noir girl instead of Catwoman? I am sure if you would have made Catwoman the evil chick, nothing would have been much different. Do you realize that the audience should also be given a chance to know what’s going on? If it is a question of just introducing suspense to create “masala”, you have loads of Hollywood clichés you could have used (multiple personality etc.). I guess you just pulled out a lucky draw to decide who was going to be “The Bad”, and as relationships are truly abundant in today’s world, you made this girl the daughter of Al Ghul, with no previous hint given to us because you thought well, people are here to accept with glee any bullshit I throw at them. I am Nolan after all, is anyone really going to get out of “groupthink” and question me?


There were hoards of other characters. Michael Caine was reduced to the ever sulking Alfred reminiscent of the leading ladies of our regular “saas bahu” serials, never without a tear.  I do not seriously remember what Morgan Freeman’s role was, because I do not think there was any. Gary Oldman, the ever loyal police officer, did whatever his old age could allow him to. Robin played the archetypical sidekick, and Nolan once again showed how much he cared for his audience with the cheap trick he used to introduce “Robin” to us at the end. I think we deserve better than that.


Now let us talk about the hero of the story. One could say Christian Bale was not in his best shape physically during the entire shooting, what with the enormous amount of time he spent initially locked in his house, and later in the jail (Was it a jail? A hole? What was it?). Another noticeable fact was that he was seriously short of advices and inspiration, as could be seen from the fact that everyone around him seemed to have one job, offering free advice. I have just one question to the guy in the hole who “taught” Nolan how to get out. If you knew all about how to escape from the cave, why were you holed up in their all this time? Yet another armchair thinker, are you?


The last man to be discussed needs no introduction. With movies like “Following”, “Memento” and “The Prestige” in his repertoire, he surely has hit a new low with “TDKR”. The loads of characters and Nolan’s strange decision to crowd in so many events happening meant that not one character or scene was particularly developed, which I must say was very much similar to the dozens of superhero movies that have come before it. If Nolan expects that his fan base is just confined to the “Avengers” and “Transformers” loving crowd, then I guess it is our fault that we had rated Nolan so highly.


Well, when I was just about to watch the movie, somebody had asked me what would be your reaction if the movie turns out to be a dud. I had told him that there wasn’t a chance of that. But now that it happened, I guess what you are looking at is my reaction.

This depicts my sad experience of watching "The Dark Knight Rises". This contains spoilers, so please be at alert.

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