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writingHappiness vs money

Our society is going under massive change. We don't know whether we are moving towards a well civilized society or something else. A person who earns 10lakhs pm, is a well recognised man compared to smeone lower to his earning potential. No one cares about means of earning. Morality and ethics are bygone now. Woman like Nitish kumar's wife who lived her life with integrity, dignity &self respect and lived a very simple life do not get much recognised. But smeone like Meera Rajput who did not done anything except being married to Shaheed Kapoor is being invited by news channel for women empowerment. Are we really moving toward a better society ??? Outward appearance has more meaning than inside. Brands making low quality clothes are being sold at higher rate compared to local brands with high quality. Apples in reliance fresh store are sold at 10 times the price which the farmers get. Apples can be grown without reliance but not without farmers. Do we care about these things ?? No nobody. We want to become mangers of that reliance stores but not farmers. Can humanity survive without farmers ?? A big NO.
Are we really  moving towards more developed and civilized society ?? 

It's a article about how people matters money other than anything else.

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