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writingGoodbye Milky Way


Goodbye Milky Way

(PS - All the characters and incidents are imaginary. Resemblance to any person living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional!)

So the catastrophic event of 2012 is still a year ahead, but right now, the lock and key mechanism of my brain including all the neurons are showing me an event that will occur some five billons years later! An event where our galaxy, Milky Way will collide with Andromeda galaxy and a new gigantic cosmic world will be born.

‘Still thirty minutes are left for this collision to happen’. Alex and Gunner, who were born out of interspecies interaction, are running towards the last spaceship who is about to leave the earth. They are more or less like sphinx with some couple of differences like their lower part is of dog and they could bark. Mr. Dedzz, a canny, perverted human is their biological father, who is few steps ahead of them in this race to live contest. Nevertheless, before the two galaxies could collide they jump into the ship at the right time and the futuristic journey starts. Now the two galaxies start to collide along the sides that change the gravity’s law drastically. This new gravity is pulling the ship and the lives of earthly beings again come under scanner. Suddenly, Mrs. Black Widow, the captain of ship gets the calculation from her super duper hi fi computer that if a joint weight of Alex and Gunner or a single weight of Mr.Dedzz would thrown out of the ship then they could probably escape the gravity. Alex and Gunner smile. Err!

Neurons’ signals stop, ‘Shit, I am back on 2011!’

Therefore, the next dose and signals start again. I had missed some very crucial part but at climax, I witnessed the last minute of Milky Way, Andromeda and Mr.Dedzz. They had collided and blasted off simultaneously.

Goodbye Milky Way! (R.I.P)

Good bye milky way- story of Dedzz

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