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Mass scale religious conversions has happened at British time and before, even today also religious conversions is a hot topic. I don't know why this phenomenon is so popular. Can we ever imagine if all 7billion citizen of mother earth convert into one religion either Hindu or Muslim or Christian or etc etc what will happen then ?? Then we human beings will create different religions or castes or groups from that single religion only. God has made human beings like that only. Suppose two stranger human beings meet in space they will get attracted to each other and become frnds with no time. But when they come to earth they will divide themselves between citizens of different nations (suppose Indian and American). When that Indian comes to India then he  will try to look for a friend belonging to his native state. When he enters into his state , he will look for citizen of his city. And when he will be in city , he will look for someone from his colony. And entering his colony he will again look for someone from his building, and again entering his building he will try to make much better realtions with someone from his floor.and in the last he will try to give most importance to his adjoining neighbour. So dividing ourselves is in human nature. Religion try to unite human beings but we are using religion to divide ourselves. God must be disappointed with us. Let us unite and adopt #Humanity as the religion of this mother earth. So that God must be proud of us.😊😊

Religious mass convertions.

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