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writingFive habits that create an outstanding Persona


Hello People! Everyone out there. A few questions before i start writing. Are you stuck in your own emotional roller coaster which you don’t want to be on? Are you tired of ruining things for yourselves cause you are not able to pull yourself together each time you have a pit fall in your own shortcomings?

If this is happening than you surely gotta read this which I’ve applied so far and Hell yeah!! it worked for me so good.So, the core to every problem of your mental trauma is ‘you’, ‘yourself’ and your ’emotions’. People often face problems of getting irritated, angry, show hostile behavior, developing envious feelings from others. A flood of emotions inside your minds drains you everyday and you end up like a piece of trash in the middle of nowhere.

The solution to all this bullshit you face in life heyday are just these five habits or emotions you need to practice:-

A feeling that aces the list of positivism in a human being is compassion. This particular emotion keeps you far away from all kinds of negative things revolving around you. No matter how hardcore you are from the outside but your inner membranes should have a soft corner for everyone who is in need. Believe me anger is not a solution for anything. Erase it now and everyone will love you which in turn will make you love everyone around you.

This term has multiple meanings for every individual out there but the basic meaning resides in the word itself which is “to hold”. Dharma doesn’t exactly means a particular religion. It means a rigid structure which motivates you and helps you to stay focused. According to me the best thing to be called as your ‘Dharma’ should be ‘humanity’.Doing positive things for every person around you will help you become a better person in the long run. So guys! just be wise in choosing your “Dharma”.

Ahaa! Finally the most beautiful among all and my favorite feeling “love”. Love is present in many forms around us but don’t get your minds dirty right now.I’m talking about the purest form which is unconditional and eternal love for everyone around you.Above all relations comes the relation of humanity and love is the only thing which binds every individual with each other.Numerous individuals around you feel parched to have a drop of love in their life.React softly , say good things, use happy words, no matter what the situation is don’t develop hatred for anyone . Remember , love is present everywhere around you , it’s just that you need to understand the worth of the one’s you have in your life.

One of the heavies word present in the dictionary. Beholds a deep meaning within, this word itself describes an emotion which is so positive that the presence of it makes the person’s heart beautiful. Doesn’t matter what it is but making a sacrifice is a very big thing. If sacrificing something makes the other person happy  or it helps him/her in anyway one should do that often.Don’t do things for a reason or for a reward or just to show someone your concern, instead of that do things so that you feel satisfied after that act cause the real happiness resides in the smile of the person for whom you did a good deed.

An act which shows the real calmness which is present inside the person. What defines your personality is the way you react to situations, or to the people whom you meet.The truth is there is no issue in the world which is impossible to solve or vast as an ocean , it’s just the people who make it seem bigger.Forgiving someone requires a big heart.Keep your calm at every point of life and if you forgive someone continuously ,one day he/she will learn their lesson.


So, These are the things which I have for you right now.Practice just them and you will feel like the happiest person on the planet.

This article is related to life and how can you conquer your own soul just by practicing few things.

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