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writingFarmers A true Profession

Well the story is based on Indian scenario. In India every year govt had to spend lot of money(nearly 3-4 lakh crores) to waive off farmers loans every year. Farmers set on strike if they did not receive subsidy from govts. Lots of public property is destroyed due to mass agitations of farmers. Many intellectuals say that it has become habit of farmers to take loans and then demand loan waiver from govts.In India and in many  parts of  world's farming profession is seen as very low status. In this story we will try to show that farming profession is the only true profession in this world. We can survive without lawyers, engineers, doctors, entertainers, teachers but not without food. If farmers stop growing crops every other profession will die out. If all farmers in this world decide unanimously that they will not sell their vegetables , crops etc etc to other professionals and only grow them in limited quantity to feed only their family then whole world will die due to hunger.This is the summary of the story.
Now let us start with scene 1
On a news channel live show guests are invited from various professions.
1) A Government officer
2) a engineer
3) economist
4)a politician
5) a banker
6) a poor farmer's leader
A govt officer say to farmer that govt gives you so much things free of cost but you do not have right to demand evrything free.
A economist and engineer say to farmers we paid so much taxes to govt and from that taxes, govt gives you subsidy and you are not using it in proper way. You have become beggars.

After getting insulted by professionals on news channel show farmer decides to teach them a lesson and what did he do , he call upon a meeting of all the farmers and decide that they will not give  a single grain to other professions and will grow everything in limited quantity to feed their famliy only.They also write letters to farmers of other countries to cooperate with them and do not sell their crops to other professionals.and whatever they have in extra they should destroy them and let other professionals to eat their luxury houses and cars. This is how story unfolds.
We can classify other professionals as urban people and farmers as rural people.
For some information urban people lives in approx 4000towns in India and farmers lives in 6lakhs villages , roughy 65percent of our population.

Well some of the dialogues I have written for this story.
1) Urban people says to farmer " Sarkar tumhe subsidy deti hai, free ka Rashan deti hai woh sab tumhe tab milta hai jab hum Sarkar Ko tax dete hai."
2) Farmer reply " Sarkar hmae subsidy isliye nahi deti ki woh hmara bhla chahti hai,woh sirf isliye deti hai kyunki woh humse darting hai kyunki agar humne Bandook uthali toh sarkare Badal jati hai.
3) Farmer in very angry mood say to urban people " Agar hum gavwalo ne Moot bi dia toh tum shar wale behjaoge."

A Satirical Movie- A farmer, a male protagonist set on strike in front of Indian Parliament with his friends to demand loan waiver after his crops failed & he did not have money to pay back loans.But nothing happened.And after getting insulted & humiliated by the government & other professionals ( they termed him as beggar),he decide to teach them a lesson by making sure farming profession should be respected all around the world.By his intellect and co-operation from farmers all around the world he establish farming profession is not only a true profession but also highly paid and superior to all other professions.

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