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writingDesire and death

EXT. Narrow street covered with pot-holes, buildings on either side – EVENING
A puddle. Reflection of a commercial complex building (or mall) in the water. Flies flying over.
Just beside the puddle is a dead crow, with a swarm of flies around it.
An unextinguished cigarette butt comes flying and falls on the wet mud by the puddle.
EXT. Near the puddle and the building in the reflection.
A man, sits by the street, on the side walk, beside the building shown in the reflection, exhales
smoke out of his mouth. He is looking at the puddle with its reflection. In his hand is a bottle
covered by a white plastic bag. He is taking a sip from the bottle through a straw. He looks like
any beggar in India. He is dirty, has unkempt hair, long beard. His clothes are soiled, dark and
tattered. He appears slightly mad by his body language – he keeps scratching his head and is
mumbling to himself.
A fly hovers around the bottle. He waves his hand, shooing it off, disturbed, while he turns his
head and looks at the entrance of the building. He is chewing the straw as if in frustration, and
his eyes have lit by what he saw.
EXT. Entrance of building
A group of young men and women, dressed in western attire, mostly in blacks and whites,
talking amongst themselves, giggling. A girl in a short frock, colourful, stands out.
The fly is still hovering over the bottle. The beggar man waves it off still looking at the group.
The fly still troubles him. Now, he looks at the fly, then at the bottle. He removes the white
plastic bag, throws it in the direction of the girl in the short frock.
The plastic bag falls in between the beggar man and the group. Nobody notices it.
The fly is still hovering around the bottle. The bottle is transparent, around 100ml, has a
transparent liquid which looks like lime juice. Only a little of the juice is left. The fly alights on
the tip of the straw. The beggar man stares at it, keeping the bottle still. The fly moves to the
inside of the bottle.
A light wind blows the girl’s frock a little, exposing her thighs a little more and lifts up the
plastic bag into the air, and dies. The plastic bag falls down.
The cigarette butt is trying to burn till the filter, but the lower part on the surface of the wet mud
is getting extinguished.
The fly is now moving closer to the juice below, drinking the remnants on the wall.
The cigarette butt is trying to burn on the upper side but is rapidly getting wet.
The fly is now on the surface of the lime juice, drinking. It is still. The beggar man’s fingers
shake the bottle lightly; the fly doesn’t move. It floats on the liquid like a corpse.
The fire end of the cigarette butt is completely wet and is dead.
The dead fly in the bottle.
The dead cigarette on the wet mud
The wind blows the plastic bag up. A current blows it in a direction. An opposite current blows it
in its direction. The bag is in the mercy of the currents of the wind. It alights up against the
building and passes by its entrance.
The façade of the building
A very beautiful girl in a floral short frock walks out of the building. She passes by the group.
She catches the flying plastic bag hovering above her, crumples it and throws it in the waste-
basket nearby.
The beggar man looks at the girl; his eyes are filled with desire.
The naked legs of the girl walking to the other side of the road, to the other side walk.
The beggar man rises up, his eyes following the girl. He walks to the waste-basket, picks out the
white plastic bag, blows air into it and lets it fly. Still looking at the girl, he walks to the puddle,
with the bottle, and pours the little lime juice left and the dead fly into the puddle. He tips the
extinguished cigarette butt with his toes into the puddle.
The reflection of the building is disturbed with the pouring of the lime juice.
The water in the puddle regains composure and the building is formed again. Underneath the
water are the dead fly and the extinguished cigarette stub.
EXT. The other side walk
The beggar man is walking a tad swiftly, following the girl. He is at a quite a far distance from
the girl. His eyes are wild and his tongue is wetting his lips in desire. He is looking at her naked
The naked legs of the girl are walking swiftly, decisively. The wind blows her frock a bit. She
adjust sit with her hand.
The beggar man gives a ‘Arre…yaar’ kind of a smile.
The plastic bag is floating above the street in the direction of the girl and the beggar man.
The wind again blows the frock up and the girl again adjusts it.
The beggar man is madly staring at the legs, walking faster, as if he is going to catch them.
The girl turns back, looks at him scornfully, but keeps walking.
He is following her, grasping his crotch, squeezing it at times. This stalking happens for
The girl stops at a florist’s and looks towards the street with its vehicles passing, as if waiting for
someone; her arms are folded.
The beggar man reaches the florist’s, still wildly looking at the girl. The girl takes a quick glance
at him, and turns away disgusted.
He picks up a wilted rose fallen on the ground, grinning. Looking at her, he pulls a petal and eats
it. He grunts, squeezes his crotch, holding the rose by its stem, eats away the whole rose in one
mouth. The florist, a female, shoos him off. He doesn’t move, but grins at her chewing the rose.
He squats down beside the girl, admiring her legs. The girl starts to walk away.
The white plastic bag falls down from mid-air, onto the road, beside them.
A taxi halts beside her, over the plastic bag. A door opens. A male hand stretches out from inside
and summons her in. she walks into the car and shuts the door. The taxi zooms away. The
zoomed car, propels the white plastic bag up into the air.
The beggar man runs to the taxi but to no avail. He stops in the middle of the road; the moving
vehicles around have propelled the white plastic bag in front of him. He watches it. He smiles.
He tries to catches it, but the moving vehicles direct it into various directions. It keeps falling on
the road, but some vehicle or the other propels it. He keeps following. Cars halt in screeching
brakes, to avoid hitting him. People hurl abuses at him; he is unbothered; all he wants to do is
catch the bag. A moving car hits him; he falls. He gets up, looking at the bag. Then another
vehicle hits him; then another. But his eyes are only on the bag. He at last catches it.
He is now on the side walk; the one other than that he used to stalk the girl. He is playing with
the plastic bag – he is blowing it into the bag, pushing it forward to fly and catches it just when it
is about to fall. He then catches the plastic bag and wears it around his head. Covering his face.
Making weird noises and sucking the air, letting the plastic bag stick to his open mouth, he keeps
walking. He bounces and brushes past passer-bys, mostly women, who look at him in disgust and
annoyance. He starts banging his head with his fist.
It starts to drizzle. He senses it, unveils his face up to his forehead and stretches out his arm. He
collects a little pool of water in his palm, and while doing this, he ogles at every woman passing
by. Then he drinks the water collected and immediately spits it out in distaste. He continues
walking with his face uncovered and plastic bag over his head and reaches the building.
EXT. building – the previous one, people walking away with umbrellas on their heads.
He stares into the entrance. It is dark inside. He tries walking in. A security guard comes out and
shoves him away. He removes the plastic bag from his head, and the bag as a begging bowl, he
begs. The security guard threatens him with a stick and shoos him off. The beggar walks away.
EXT. the same place, beside the building, where the beggar man initially sat.
The beggar man sits ogling at the girls coming out of the building. The security guard beckons
him to turn his face away, threatening with his stick.
The beggar man turns his face away towards the puddle and the reflection of the building.
He walks to the puddle and squats by it, in the drizzle. He picks up the dead fly, the cigarette butt
and the dead crow and puts it in the plastic bag. He stands up and looks at the reflection in the
puddle. He kicks the water once. Then he again looks at the reflection. Then in a madness which
grips him, he maniacally kicks the water in the puddle, destroying the building.
The puddle has very little water and the building is no more.
The drizzle is intensifying.
He walks to the entrance of the building and hurls the plastic bag with great force into the dark
entrance. The security guard starts running after him with his stick. The beggar man in a crazy
laughter, stamping over the puddle runs away out of the frame.
A crow sitting on the top of the building flies away, dropping down a white plastic bag. The
white plastic bag moves hither and thither in mid-air. And is under the mercy of the wind.
The drizzle which has intensified into a downpour, is quickly pilling up the puddle, dissolving
the wet foot-print of the beggar and constructing the building’s reflection yet again.

The script shows the relation between desire and death.

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