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writingDemonetization Love Story

Indian government in a dramatic move declared all Rs 500 and 1000 will not be legal tender and has to be replaced or deposited in bank. People started flocking the bank to get their Notes replaced. Long serpentine queue , people jostling for space  can be seen at every bank.

Raju ,a college student, was standing in line with his Rs 1000 note , 100s of people were ahead of him in the queue. He was constantly looking back for his friend who was to join him. His eye suddenly noticed a beautiful girl , Reva, with long hair. flowing down on both of her shoulder. First sight and he fall in love with her. Every few seconds he started looking back at her, few attempts and she also noticed him. She ignored him initially but slowly started looking at him. Both eyes started liking each other. Both forgot to walk forward , people behind them surpassed with some kind abusive words. Now both of them are nearer , his Rs 1000 note gently touched the Rs 500 note what she was holding. their eyes started swimming in different world oblivious to what's happening around.. Hours passed and meet of their eyes was braked by the loud noise of a bank official.” Bank will be closed now, you need to come tomorrow”

Oh damn, they realized, what to do with their notes now. They didn’t have money even to go home. Suddenly a man in his seventies  came and put a new Rs 2000 notes between their eyes. Both look with amusement.  He said “ I knew this will happen to you so I took this Rs 2000 note for you people , take this and I will get your note replaced tomorrow”.

He said I only have Rs 1000 and she has Rs 500 only , even if we combine it will be Rs 1500 only. How we can exchange Rs 1500 for Rs 2000.

I have an idea, pointing at a shop he said, “look there is gift shop their , they really have nice gift items , this is first time you people meet , as a token of love both of you gift something to one another. I know shopkeeper so he will give change for Rs 2000”.

They went to shop , shopkeeper seeing the old man he wanted to say something but old man indicated with finger to be silent. Raju and Reva bought gifts for each other. Total cost came Rs 1400.
Shopkeeper gave two fifties to Raju and Reva and Rs 500 to old man. Raju and Reva thanked Old man and went out of shop.

Papa what is this ? shopkeeper said with bewilderment .

“Idiot , I am sure whole day you wouldn’t have sell a single item and I even being out managed to sell Rs 1400. Tomorrow you stand in line and get old Rs 1500 replaced.”

He winked at his son and with smile said

“ To be successful always look for opportunities.”

Love story out of Government of India's demonetization scheme

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Kumar Amardeep







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