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writingDeewana tera

A underworld king Dogra  fell in love with a beautiful girl jahanvi. He proposed her parents to marry her but they refused his proposal. He kills them, and forced jahanvi to marry but she escape from her town. Dogra’s men follow her but she enters in a running train. At the same time one girl jumps from the train and the goon’s men thinks  that jahanvi jumps from the train they too jumps from the train but she drown in the river.
Dogra thinks that jahanvi was dead but she was still in the train she adopt the identity of the girl who committed suicide. She found a diary in her purse- anita is going to meet her aunt after 20 year in Mumbai. She reaches Mumbai safely. She met her aunt, but found that her aunt is a queen of Mumbai high society brothel.
She forced her for one night with a minister but she injures minister with a knife than aunt sends her to lower level brothel where RAGHU operates. He always drinks and hates women. There she met Anuj who does all the odd work for prostitute I.e. to brings tea, drinks etc . he is only friend of Raghu. 
Jahanvi keeps on crying and it make Anuj restless. He tries to give her food but she deny to take food. she request him to help her to escape from the hell.  But Anuj says it’s RAGHU place and nobody can escape from here, if raghu thinks than only one can get rid from this place. JAHANVI ties rakhi to Anuj and says please help her.
At the same time some customers started to beat a taxi driver than raghu comes and beat all the men. Than she asks why raghu save that taxi driver than ANUJ says he is kind hearted but he lives here secretly. Than she asks than who is RAGHU?
Flash back- raghu is KARAN, he was an instructor in the gym. He fells in love with a girl MAYA. She was daughter of police commissioner but the commissioner don’t like the relation and police arrest KARAN in a false case. two police men RANA & MHATRE kills his entire family RAGHU was trail in the court where the commissioner daughter give false statement. After some time karan escapes and kills two police men RANA & MHATRE .when he meets ANUJ he says commissioner daughter commits suicide. The commissioner orders for shoot at sight so this made KARAN to take shelter here with a false identity RAGHU.
Than she thinks that raghu is actually a good men and she starts liking her.
One night JAHANVI get chance to escape, she ran and comes to police station . She asks for help. The policemen hear her story and than they says to show the place , where she was captured. They comes to the brothel and calls aunts mobile and says that one girl escaped from your brothel. Than aunt says she is still virgin do whatever you can do and than put her in RAGHU’s custody. But the policemen  says – today two senior inspector joined so give them this opportunity. This will help you to strength the relation with the new police officers. AUNTS say ok.
The two officers try to rape JAHANVI than she scream- raghu raghu ………than KARAN KARAN……
Raghu thinks that MAYA was screaming
Raghu comes and starts fight with the policemen ,the two were the same policemen(rana & mhatre) whom he thinks was killed by him. He beat the police and escapes with the help of ANUJ&TAXI DRIVER.
They come to a village far from MUMBAI and start a new life. After few days
RAGHU works in a construction site. Anuj stays in home with Jahanvi and taxi driver return back to Mumbai.
Police was in search of KARAN they advertise KARAN photo while aunts published jahanvi photo.
DOGRA saw the advertisement and he order his men to bring JAHANVI as soon as possible.
One day when KARAN reach home he saw ANUJ was lying at the door with fully injured he asks what has happened he replies someone has kidnapped JAHANVI but he don’t know who are they?............................ And ANUJ died.
He comes to Mumbai and with the help of taxi driver he reach to the aunt’s place and asks about jahanvi but she says she don’t know about her. He destroy aunts place and becomes mad for JAHANVI.
DOGRA celebrates and decorates its town. He again proposed JAHANVI and says that he loves her very much. Than she says: she loves KARAN. She believes that he will come one day than DOGRA says I will wait for a week and sees the power of love.
KARAN reach GOA he saw that whole town is celebrating than he asks why people is enjoying than one man shows her jahanvi poster that she is going to marry DOGRA.
Karan enters dogra palace.
Dogra tries to kill karan but JAHANVI says kill her first than her lover.
Dogra asks is this called LOVE. His mind changed he says now you can marry with your love and I will arrange everthing to escape from this country and live a happy life in other country.
As they were trying to escape the police come with force and starts firing from both side the police men RANA & MHATRE, the DON dogra all killed and they escape to other country.


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