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writingAn Indian Snake Charmer


An Indian Snake Charmer


Before that dreadful day, Dedzz, an Indian snake charmer and his adorable she-cobra, The Black Widow, were a perfect couple. She was a kind of partner which every single person desires. She used to earn almost everything for him like respect, money and all other stuffs. Personally, The Black Widow just loved to move her body with the rhythm of his flute. Physically, The Black Widow was an ideal piece of beauty with a pure black body, scaly but smooth body surface, shiny appearance, well toned body, sharp eyes etc. According to a survey, not a single snake could beat her spell in around five hundreds of kilometers of radius of an area. She was a real delight for him. Rumors were there that one night these two got intimate too against all the odds. Apparently, their love for each other was no secret to any one and both of them were very proud of having each other in their respective lives. Socially, she even helped him in becoming a head of local snake community, as he was supposedly the best charmer.

However, as we all know, the change is always an inevitable entity (refer Bhagwadgita). After summer’s farewell, monsoon arrived in an Indian subcontinent. It is a time when charmers go for expedition of snakes, who come out of their flooded nest and thus a soft target indeed. That monsoon, even Dedzz went for expedition so that to earn more moolah in near future. The Black Widow did not mind the moolah affair at all but the feeling of sharing her lover with someone else had been making her restless endlessly. Nevertheless, this was only the starter, as that year monsoon turned into an ultra-monsoon and their area was badly flooded by a nearby river Toddy. The Black Widow and other animals were just floating on torrent of water. Being a true lover, at probably those last minutes of her life, she was remembering her lover instead of The God. Eventually, the struggling phase passed on and at last, she fainted.

After a very long time, when she had opened her eyes then miraculously she found herself alive on a wet ground but before she could even think of a celebration, she had focused Doddy’s, the cattle, foot just over her head and without a single thought she bit him. Simultaneously someone else hit her too with a stick and she fainted once again.

Next time, when she came into her senses on that profane day, then through the buzz of people she heard about the death of Doddy, the cattle (which were far more valuable than any other animal). All community members along with the dead body of Doddy & semi fainted The Black Widow, then collectively went to their head, Dedzz, who had just returned from his expedition and the snake-trial started. After hearing all the versions of story, Dedzz had to take a decision, it was not the easiest one for him too and after a very deep thought, he ordered death sentence for her. The Black Widow without any complaints had accepted her master’s words and then suddenly she noticed, The Albino Widow, a new she-cobra with him. Err! She could not bear that betrayal and after some very progressive quick moves, she had reached to him and kissed him for the last time. That was the final kiss of death! (R.I.P)

Story of Dedzz

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