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Log line: Hidden ability emerges only when put to test with
          never give up attitude.


Middle class drawing room, a small coffee table in the center, a sofa placed by the wall. Light drips in from side window with its glass panes open and curtain closed. Poster of MAHATMA GANDHI depicting DANDI YATRA hangs above sofa on the wall. An English newspaper and pen stand on the top, a deck of cards the lower shelf of the coffee table.

PRATIBHA, a teenage girl in school uniform, comes and sits on the sofa. She picks up the newspaper, takes the pen from the pen stand and writes her name "PRATIBHA" in the top blank space. Looks down to read a headline "GUINESS WORLD RECORD - TALLEST CARDS HOUSE BY BRYAN BERG" with a photo.

She gets excited, puts aside the newspaper and pen on the sofa, plays pinch, looks around, reveals a deck of cards in the lower shelf of the coffee table. She pulls coffee table closer. She sits down and picks deck of cards, takes out all the cards and places the whole bunch on the right far corner of the coffee table. Shifts the pen stand in lower shelf.

She takes two cards from the bunch and arranges them side by side in inverted "V" shape. She makes one more shape in a row and places one card horizontally flat on the apexes of the two inverted "V" shapes, continues to complete a row of four shapes. She sets a second row of three shapes on the top of first row. She claps and leans on the coffee table staring at the card structure. Coffee table shakes and the card structure collapses. She hits her forehead.

She tracks for the play in coffee table, takes some cards from the bunch and pushes them beneath the left near leg of the coffee table. She stabilizes the coffee table. Confirms for play in the coffee table by pressing the corners.

She again stacks cards and reaches third level i.e. rows of 4,3,& 2 shapes one above the other. A strong wind BLOWS in from the window waving curtain and the structure collapses again. She glances at the window with annoyance.

She walks to the window, closes the glass panes and the curtain, comes back to the coffee table and starts stacking cards again. She continues and finishes three levels. She attempts the last pair of cards, her hands shake, finally sets the pair with king and queen faces turn outside. She stands and dances raising both the hands overlapping to frame in the poster of Dandi Yatra.

Background music - Woh Sikandar hi dosto.../ Ruk jana nahi tu kabhi har ke...

A mise-en-scene film - Inspirational - Keep trying & never give up...

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