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writingA sensible Love

“ A sensible love”
“People who are sensitive about love they are incapable of it”.
There are four main characters in this story.
Piyush Deshmukh, Gaurav Shishodia, Riya Malhotra & Sneha Chaudhary
Description about characters.
1) Piyush Deshmukh- He is Audit officer in comptroller and auditor general of india posted
at dehradun and lives in Flat no 206, green view apartments Rajpur road, Dehradun. He
is very bold, adamant and conservative. He comes from a very conservative farmer’s
family. He lives his life on principles. He had never made any girlfriend & neither he had
any plans to make in future. He wants his marriage to be arranged with girl’s parents
permission. He do not believe in proposing a girl and then get married, instead he will
choose to take girl’s parents permission about it because he thinks it is the right way
according to Indian culture.
Currently he is looking for life partner in matrimonial sites. Every weekend he goes to
meet different girls’ parents for marriage but everytime something negative happened.
He never dilutes his principles , he is highly intellectual man. He is “Sensible man”.
2) Gaurav Shishodia- He is assistant manager in Reserve bank of India. He is roommate of
Piyush. He is childish and frank to girls. He belongs to a affluent family. He is in
relationship with Riya malhotra.
3) Riya Malhotra- She is assistant manager in HDFC bank. She lives in Flat no.203 Green
view apartments Rajpur road, Dehradun. She is very caring, pragmatic and prudent. She
belongs to middle class family. She is in relationship with Gaurav.
She cooks food for both Gaurav and Piyush.
Piyush is looking a girl which should have qualities of Riya.
4) Sneha Chaudhary- She has been transferred from HDFC Mumbai to Dehradun. Sneha
and Riya become good friends in no time. She starts living with Riya in her apartment.
She is very conservative and proudy. She get into arguments with Piyush often. She
belongs to very affluent family from Jaipur. She is in secret love with Piyush but never
tells to anyone due to his arrogant nature.
Now the story starts.
Scene(1) Location Green view apartments, Rajpur road Dehradun
Piyush and Gaurav are getting ready for office and Riya is preparing breakfast for them.
Meanwhile highly intellectual conversation is going between them about banks and
government of india policies. To be continued##

Logline of " A sensible Love " A goverment officer, Piyush is looking for a life partner. Belonging to very conservative famliy he is looking for someone with Indian culture and values.He do not want to fall in love and get married. Instead he want to marry after taking girl's parents permission.But in the end he finally fall in love with his friend and married to her without compromising his values and principles.

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