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writingA female monkey princess

A female monkey princess
Ravi Kumar Sainee
Once upon a Time in Sugndha state, where lived a king. He had four sons. He hadn’t
any son married .One day king sat his garden with sadness when a sage came and said
to king that hello king why are you so upset? King said that all problems about his.. The
sage thought and said that don't worry king, I give four arrow one bow. The sage said
that Tathastu four arrow & a bow was presents. King said that what I do it? The sage
said that arrow will use by your sons Together and where arrow will go where your
sons will be marrying.
The king took arrow and bow and said to sage that thanks a lot.
After then king four sons used arrow and bow together. All Princes went to search
arrows. They walk to walk a crossed hill, river and country. They ask to ask came in
Panchvati state where found arrow in garden of Panchvati king .They went and they
saw only three arrows where placed. Smallest prince’s arrow where didn't find. The
king came and asked about arrows when biggest prince of Sugndha state, said all about
story. The king of Panchvati became very happy and said that I have three daughters
and I had worried about so thanks to Princes come to here. Three first Princes will be
marrying my three daughters so go and prepare and come with procession. All first
three princes took bye from King of Panchvati and return Sugndha state.
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The smallest prince became alone. The prince walk to
walk cross many rivers, hills and country but didn't meet arrow.
In Sugndha state came thrives prince, the king of
Sugndha became very happy and started warmly preparation of marriage.
Smallest Prince reached in deep & dark forest after
long time. He walked in forest long time. He saw only monkeys in forest ,After some
time prince became tired ,He took rest on the tree ,he saw arrow at the bottom of tree
where hadn't any kingdom . Prince became very upset where monkeys were came &
shouting then an old monkey came, all monkeys became silent. Old monkey went to
Prince and asked why you are so upset? Prince tallied all story. the old monkey became
very happy, he said That I am head of monkeys group, I Have one daughter ,this tree is
my home and my daughter lives under the tree . Prince shocked but old monkey said
that you have to marry my daughter. The prince came to Sugndha kingdom and tall all
story to king, the king became very upset & angry. The king said to Prince that gets out
front of my eyes.
Marriage day came; three first prince’s procession was very big.
The kings of Sugndha send a lot of horses, elephants, special people and all facilities
with three princes.
With smallest prince went old & handicapped people.
When three princes came at Panchvati state, the Panchvati state had
very light, decoration and rangoli. When procession came then crackers burst and
flowers put on the procession. Procession’s Very wonderful and beautiful welcomed by
king of Panchvati. Many types arrangements where have been done. The king royal
arrangements have been done.
In forest smallest brother and procession went slowlyslowly.
When they came in forest where all forest lighted, all leaf put by glow worm; its
feel like all stars have come on leafs. All forest was twinkled. All forest earth filled by
grasses like velvet. When a first step put on monkeys area then lots of types flowers
rained. Many flowers first time saw by them because many flowers had universal. All
forest filled by fragrance of flowers. All forest looked very beautiful and wonderful. It
became full by lights and flowers.
In Panchvati state when started marriage then put all
flowers of earth by king. King arrangements 56 type foods. Dancing was by beautiful
girls. All guests became enjoyable. When guests were going then kings of Panchvati
gave gift to every person of guests. All guests and princess became very happy
All peoples, princes and prince’s wives came back to Sugndha state and apologized to
Panchvati king.
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In forest when started marriage then Third world’s Gods put heaven flowers on the
smallest prince and lady monkey. Uncountable food present to guests. Guests first time
saw this type food because it's heaven food. Food was very testy. Beautiful fairy came
into forest and danced. All peoples became fully enjoyable. When guests went then gold,
silver, diamond and many types’ precious stone rained. All people collected. Thunder
the sky and came to voice for people that don't say anything to anyone about marriage.
Every person promised to sky thunder that we don't say anything to anyone about
marriage. Prince, people and “female monkey” princess came back Sugndha state.
When three princes have came Sugndha with
his wives then king welcome very wonderfully and arrangements very beautiful royal
When smallest prince comes with his “female
monkey” wife then king goes to outer place. Smallest prince and his monkey wife go to
an old and dirty room because it arrangements them.
Where three princes went to their room with
very enjoy fully.
Here forcefully pusses smallest prince with
his female monkey wife to old, dirty room. Smallest prince sat on bad, he became very
sadly mind and monkey wife is jumping here there in all room. At midnight 12 o clock
“female monkey” was converted in beautiful girl because she removed her monkey skin.
Prince was shocked. Prince became very happy. After many days prince didn't come
outer his room.
Prince's mother became worry about him. She said
to king but king replied that I don't care. Prince's mother decided that she will find
secret. She stayed in night at near room and watched by hole. She saw that at midnight
12, “female monkey” removed skin and changed into beautiful girl. Next day when
monkey removed skin then prince's mother inserted in room and burned skin. Beautiful
girl just converted into haven Pariy and said that I have given punishment by a sage
that was I converted into monkey. Prince asked that why given you punishment? Fairy
said that sage had found difficulty his attention because me by Order of “Indra God”.
When sage gave punishment then I realized that I have done wrong work so I
apologized very much then sage said that you can remove skin midnight to morning
6am and which day your skin burn by coincidence when you will remove my
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Fairy said to prince that sorry prince but I have to go and fairy went away .Prince
became very upset and cried very much. Prince collected peace of skin which was
Prince became like made, he left king house and he was
roaming .He cried like dear-dear where are you go and went one place to second place.
He became like beggar. Prince walk to walk crossed many states, rivers, hills and
forests. After some months, prince reached a lake where he saw a big monster, he was
washed the clothes, and prince stood silently when a giant monster turned then prince
said good morning uncle (mama)!
Monster can't eat prince. The monster said that you are very intelligent but how to save
by aunt? Prince said to monster that pleases uncle save me my life. Monster said that
don't worry I Will manage but you have to do which I say, Prince was accepted.
Monster said something to Prince in his ears.
Monster converted to Prince into mosquito by
magic. Mosquito went to back of trees. Wife of monster came and shouted that there is a
human body then monster said to wife that you are mad? There isn't any human body,
give me food I am very hungry. When monster and his wife sat on grass and ate food
then mosquito prince fly and went back of monster wife just monster converted to
mosquito prince into human. Prince said to monster wife that hello aunt just she
swallow half in mouth of prince then monster lifted a big & heavy “round stick” and
beat his wife very badly and said that I have only one nephew it will eat you. After some
time beaten by monster, his wife outer the prince from month and leaved live of prince.
Now prince stayed with
monster family from happily. Monster was worker of heaven, he worked many types
works like clothes washing, clothes ironing, gardening, marketing, cleaning etc.
The prince helped monster’s work
so monster became very happy. After some time one day prince was washing a fairy
clothes when he saw a mark on clothes then he remembered that this type mark he had
seen before, he went inside house and when came back with peace of female monkey 's
skin . He matched skin and Clothes mark then both was same. He understood that his
wife live in heaven. He joined the peace of skin with clothes of fairy.
He said to monster that uncle you say to all fairies that she clothes firstly check carefully
then after wear because clothes was dry on grass so any kit or scorpion can come with
clothes. The monster went to heaven; he gave clothes all fairies and said to every fairy
notice of prince.
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One of them fairy when checked clothes, she found the piece
of skin then she understood that her husband came back; she became very emotional
and happy. She went to the monster and said that in next week will have been a big
function you have to come with your nephew. The monster say to ok.
At the function day monster and prince came together.
Prince wife means fairy came and took of prince with her room. She started love to
prince. Prince and fairy was kissing each other by leaps to leaps.
Prince said to fairy that comes with me. She said that it's not easy but it's possible if
you will do work according to me. Prince says ok dear as you wish. Fairy said to prince
in his ears.
Function start. In functions, God’s of three worlds have
present. Heaven looked very beautiful and wonderful. Beautiful fairies have present in
function. Where have lots of food available.
When number of prince's wife came then drummer start
the beating drum but fairy was dancing very slowly and boring. Prince went to
drummer and said that how boring! I am better than beat drum; drummer was nothing
gave any responses. Again prince went to drummer and said same before but drummer
was silent. When third time prince went drummer and said same before then drummer
became very angry and gave challenge to Prince, prince just started beating drum very
fastly, then fairy danced very warmly and wonderfully, she looked very beautiful. All
three gods came very enjoy, they became very happy. Three gods said to prince that
dear son you can beg three boons.
The prince first boon was dancing fairy, second
was uncountable money bag and third was flying carpet. Gods say Tathastu then
uncountable money beg and flying carpet becomes present. Dancing fairy and prince
was married. The Prince said to all gods that thanks a lot. The prince took both things
and Sat on flying carpet with his wife fairy then carpet flew. Both went to a beautiful
place where a beautiful river was flowing. Prince and his wife made a beautiful
kingdom by use of unending money from uncountable money bag. They became very
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