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Sidney Sheldon 
          It is a most empowering book based on women power that too specifically a girl's power. It tells about a girl who is a from a town and later on enters into a city which welcomes / awaits her with so many challenges and difficulties that she tries to face with some true love that sometimes disappoints her.
           Let's see about her past and wonderful life first :
               That's the life when she was in town with her father who was a lawyer too with some social qualities who doesn't want money at all as his fees. So her all time dream was to become a loyal and efficient lawyer or a successful prosecutor with her father's same qualities. Her father dies without leaving her any properties but leaves with a greatest possession of loyalty to the society. She leaves the town and enters into a city which is very well famed with cheatings and many rude and crooked minds.
As she enters the city :
                She joins as junior for a successful prosecutor who doesn't even have noticed her. He is being loyal too proceeds a case against mafia leader who has been caught with proofs off lately. He successfully proceeds and when there was a little time to hear the victory, the girl makes some mistakes not knowingly. But it causes a great impact on her Principles victory.
Revenge of love:
              She runs & runs & runs from the media, photographers as she becomes the headlines for many months. When she was about to quit herself from this exhaustive life, a man arrives in her life who takes some care and concern about her. After some dinners and lunches together she fell for him at last which is known to tear off her trust. He was a married man besides it was not a successful marriage but somehow he was married. He was a presidential candidate and if is to become the president her love fails but if he fails in the election, her love will get a chance! Let's see what happens next!! 

This article is about my most admired book "Sidney Sheldon's Rage of Angels"

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