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writingThe Beggar Boy

PARESH holding a handkercheif on his nose as he is suffering from cold and cough , He comes to the clinic for checkup. As he has taken an appointment before he directly goes and sits near the cabin of doctor. He tries to look inside just to check on when doctor will end up with the check up of the patients inside the room. He sees a small beggar boy and a lady begger is sitting on the chairs and doctor is conculting them.
DOCTOR writes the names of medicines on the prescription. They both leaves the room.




                                           (caughing comes in room)

                                      Doctor 2 din se sardi khasi hui hai..

                                       dawai li lekin kuch asar nahi hua..


                                          (shaking his head)

                                       thik hai.. ekbaar check kar leta hu..

Doctor starts to check up with paresh using his stethoscope. Doctor gives him prescription of medicines and charges him 100rs. Paresh gives him money and leaves the place.

Paresh comes at the medical shop near to the clinic and buys the medicines given by doctor. while he was talking with the shop owner. A small boy standing outside is looking at his bag continously. He realizes that when he went to the shop to buy medicines for his mom that time shop keeper shown him the same medicines but due to not having money he couldnot buy the medicines. Then he smiles and steals his handbag and starts running. Paresh also starts running to catch him. At a moment that boy gets disappeared. Paresh is looking everywhere but cant see that boy.

Paresh enters in the zopadi and he sees that the boy is giving the same medicines to his mother given by the doctors. Paresh looks down and he see that his purse is fallen on the floor. He takes his purse and checks the money as he finds money is in purse. he realizes that the boy dont
have money to buy medicins for his mother that is why he stole the bag to get the medicines.

                                            (points at Paresh)

                                             beta.. ye kon hai ??

The boy turns to look behind and he gets scared watching Paresh is looking at him. the boy looks at him. the boy with the wet eyes takes both hand together asking Paresh for mercy on him.Paresh leaves the zopadi.

The story of a beggar boy

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