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    A  letter of a lover who is a literary figure.

    Romeo and Juliet  Avenue,

    Antony and Cleopatra Square.

    Dearest  Chuck,

                                 Since I have seen you combing your golden thread -like hair  with your soft delicate fingers I have fallen in love with you.You had a sharp pointed nose,arch shaped eye brows and red lips.

                                 Please dear forget the mistakes i have made in the past and dont show me your prejudice now.As far as our future is concerned,so,at first I had decided to become a doctor but I dismissed the plan,although it has only brought me a sheer downfall and nemesis.Although that I am nothing and Iam jobless,still I hpoe to keep you happy ever after.

                                  I withdrew myself from the studies because I had read somewhere that:

                                                         "To spend too much time in studies is sloth."

                                  Still I promise you a very secure future.Please do not forget that :

                                                          "For crowd is not company,faces are but a                    

                                                           gallery of pictures,and talk but a tinkling cymbal,

                                                            where there is no love."

                                    Fill the canvas of my life with bliss,donot be a superstitious wife to me because Bacon says that:

                                                           "Vindictive persons live the life of witches."

                                  And I have great fears of the witches.Never be a revengeful wife because Bacon says:

                                                            "Revenge is a kind of wild justice."

I am a true lover and of agrave natuure,led by custom and therefore constant,as was Ulysses:

 "He preffered his old wife to immortality."

 "Your duty is to clean the house,

 And do not act like a suffering mouse."


 Yours ever loving,


This is a letter of a lover who is a literary figure.

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