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I'm a Phoenix bird, that's down in ashes...
Of life burnt down, by soul felt clashes.

The damages that wrecked, my palaces of hope,
And put me through, the heat of reality,
beyond tolerance and cope.

At first I shall build, the skeleton of hopes,
And fill the tendons of good memories as glue.

Then ligaments of faith, shall be put in,
To help the muscles firmly gel through.

Muscles of concrete steps towards life,
Gelled with hopes, shall strengthen my strife.

Then I shall build organs of my being,
Kidneys of behavior, lungs of believe, and stomach for soulful seeing.

Then shall come the mind, of judgement,
of knowledge, of know how, and of choice.

A face with lips, and nose and ears,
And eyes to put up a good disguise.

Then legs and arms shall slowly grow,
As my body shall gradually begin to know,
All that is needed for the might,
To stand up and feel the life's delight.

With pain and struggles, I might then see,
Feathers and skin growing up on me.

Maybe then I shall see the light,
Of hope that tells, that I can take a flight.

I shall stretch my limbs turning to wings,
and let the world make me feel wonderful things.

Then... Then I shall develop a little tiny heart,
With fear and faith, just for a start.

I shall be a bird, with huge wings and good flight,
To wander the skies of divine light.

If time and tide shall show me the way,
My heart may grow up, grow big some day.


But then again, I am a phoenix bird...
All flight all feel shall feel absurd.

As time will sure come, I'll be broken burned and torn,
Perhaps to rebuild from ashes again, to be reborn... To be reborn.... To be reborn... 

Life as it relates to the mythological creature Phoenix.

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