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writingMemoirs of me and the moon

When i was a child, And I got wild.

you saw me jump outside.

With every scold, and rooftop hold.

you stood there by my side.


I cried you heard, I smiled you laughed.

I shared all with a pride.

I sat on the rooftop, shared my life,

U were all ears all time.


The echoes of my moments lost,

With you lay still sublime.


I have been staring at your face,

in times good and bad.

Trying to tell you what I felt,

The reflections of all I had.


I know you knew every bit i meant,

Even before i share.

When I would drench in your white light,

I sensed unvoicing care.


My half life spent, and so much shared,

I know u still will stay.

To see me grow, get old and slow,

With hairs all turning grey.


I'll still be there, talking to you,

with moments left to spare.

And die a death, with you in eyes,

smile, you and my armchair.

about our relationship- me and the moon.

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