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                                       SOME ARE FULLFILL SOME ARE ACTIVE
                                        EVERY THING WE CAN DO WITH OUR TALENT
                                       WHICH WE LEARN IN SCHOOL AND COLLEGE
                                               LIFE BEGINS WITH POSTIVE THOUGHTS
                                             SHARE WITH ALWAYS GOOD HOPES
                                               FEELINGS ARE SO MANY BUT GET IT IN A
                                                      MOMENT  OF HAPPINESS REWARD
                            HAPPY ARE THOSE WHO DO THEIR
                            WORK PROMPTLY
                                  REMEMBER ALWAYS THOSE DAYS WHICH LEARN
                                         IT IN THE PAST
                                  BE HAPPY WITH GOOD MOMENTS
                                REMEMBER ALWAYS IN THE WAYS WE FEEL
                                           THANKS  FOR BETTER LIFE AND MOMENT
                                                WHICH WE LIVE TODAY...........
                                               REMEMBER ALWAYS REMEMBER ALWAYS............


Ramdas Ware


Poems 0

"ऊपर वाले को तार"
खीझ तो जाते होगे ना तुम
जब दूध दही और बेल पत्रो से तुम्हें रगड़ते हैं
तुम्हारे ही बाग से फूल नोचकर
तुम पर ही नज़र करते हैं
कभी मंगला में सुबह चार बजे
कभी अज़ान में रोज़ाना पाँच दफे
तलवे घिसते आते हैं फ़रियादी मीलो से
गीली आँखो से गिरती इनकी मन्नते कबूलो
नहीं तो भक्तों की बेरूख़ी झेलो
तुम्हारे पल्लू से बाँध जाते हैं ये
अपने दर्द और अपनी फिकर कसकर
कुछ भी माँग लेते हैं,बड़े मँगते हैं
ना दो तो तुम्हारी शामत
और देने पर फिर हजम ना हो
तब भी तुम पर ही तोहमत
एक बार आ जाओ और सबको बता जाओ
"चिराग घिसने से नहीं निकला
खुदा हूँ मैं
तेरी आहें सुन कर आया हूँ
तुम्हारी ज़रूरतें तुम से बेहतर जानता हूँ
जिन्न नहीं की हर हुक्म बजाऊं
गुलाम नहीं हूँ तेरा
की तेरी हर मुराद का मुरीद हो जाऊं"
एक बार आ जाओ और गाइड्लाइन्स फिर से बता जाओ
बंसी छोड़ो और चक्र चला दो
आप बिज़ी हो तो नंद बाबा ही भिजवा दो
अगले पिछ्ले जन्म का छोड़ो
सब इसी जन्म में करवा दो
यहाँ के हालात बहुत संगीन हैं
आपके अस्तित्व पर भी प्रशन्चिन्ह है
थोड़ा लिखा ज़्यादा समझना
बाकी तो आप खुद भगवान हैं

"??? ???? ?? ???"

Poems 2

It was 9:30 am in the morning. The operation theatre of the hospital had waves of anxiety flowing all around. A team of
medics was trying its best to keep alive the young man lying on the bed, in a battered and shattered condition. That
struggle between life and death had been going on since early morning. However, the team’s efforts were not looking
very fruitful, as there was little improvement in his condition. For some reason they believed that the young man himself
was not willing to fight for his life.
24 Hours Earlier….
He was sitting on his bed amidst a pile of clothes. He was taking each piece of garment in hand, observing for a moment,
and then throwing it on the floor. This act came to an end only when all the clothes were transferred from the bed to
the floor. But his anxiety did not end; in fact it kept on growing. His search had not ended. Yes, he was searching for
something, something very important. When he could not find it on the bed, he started searching on the table, more
frantically than before. He could still not find it. He started searching the drawers, but it went in vain. He had been
searching for very long, two and a half minutes to be precise, indeed very long!! He glanced at the four walls of his room,
the pile of clothes lying on the floor, the messed up table, the open cupboard, and wondered what to do. Suddenly, his
one room kitchen house had started to look like an infinite space. He kept looking around in disappointment. Suddenly,
a wave of energy rushed inside him, he ran to the kitchen and opened the refrigerator. There it was - the hitherto
elusive piece of treasure!! He must have left it there, when he took water from the fridge a few minutes back, he
thought to himself. Finally, after three agonizingly long minutes, he got what he had been looking for…. His mobile
The emergency search had started three minutes back, when a faint beep sound accompanied by a very faint vibrating
sound had broken the silence of his house. It was an indication that he had received a message, the message he had
been waiting for. But, the source of that sound, his mobile phone, had hidden itself somewhere. However, his search
had ended and finally he had in his hand, "the most important invention of the human race". He unlocked the mobile to
have a look at the message, but the next moment his expressions changed. His anxiety turned to anger, his white face
turned red, and he felt like breaking into hundred pieces "that most irritating invention of the human race". The only
fact which stopped him from going ahead with that destructive idea was that his mobile was the only means to get the
message that he was so desperate for. What he had got just now, after all those anxious moments, was a message from
some angelic number offering to let him know his daily horoscope at a cost of just Rs. 30 per month. Horoscopes, he had
stopped believing in them ages ago.
He went to the list of sent Items in his mobile and checked the latest entry. "Hi… I am leaving tomorrow… Can we meet
today?? Please!!" Sent: 09:15:01am. "Please", he whispered to his mobile. It was 9:45 am already, and he had not
received a reply yet. "Why is she not replying?", he thought to himself. "Would she be sleeping?" "No, today is Monday,
she should be in office by now.", "Didn’t she see my message?", "Unlikely, her mobile should be resting right in front of
her on the desk, how can she miss!!", "Is she not willing to meet me?", "No, she won’t do that, she can’t do that, please
don’t do that!!", "Is she not sure, what to reply?", "Yes, that might be the case; she might take some time to make up
her mind". This last thought gave him just enough comfort to sit down on the bed, and leave the mobile phone from his
One hour passed, and there was no reply yet. He picked up the mobile and typed, "Hi... I am sorry, our last meeting
didn’t go very well. I didn’t mean to be rude or angry. In fact it was not anger, it was just my frustration & desperation
building up inside me. Yes, I should not have let it out on you. It was wrong. I am really sorry. Please meet me once
before I leave. I won’t be able to leave without meeting you", message sent. He kept staring at the mobile phone, as if
that would get a quicker reply. He kept jumping with every message sound received. Finally, after going through a wait
of four hours and five service messages, he got the message which made his world stop. He opened the message, and
read, and became expressionless. He did not know how to react. Should he be happy considering that as a "Yes" or
should he be disappointed considering that as a "No". The message read "Not sure.i’ll try. What was he supposed to do,
he felt clueless. He had no option but to wait.
It was 5:30 pm. "She might be leaving office in next 15 minutes, she should know by now, when and where are we
meeting, shouldn’t she?" he was talking to himself. But there was no message. Should he message her or call her. The
latter seemed a better option. He called on her number, but it went unanswered. He called again after 5 minutes, again
no answer. After 10 minutes, he received a message, "Busy. Urgent work". He was disappointed. He messaged back
"Ok.. Let me know when you are free.." He again got busy in something that he had been doing since morning….waiting.
The clock showed the time 8:30 pm, he could not wait any longer, he dialed her number, but no response. He again
dialed, no response. He messaged "Where are you?? Can we meet??" At 10:00 pm, he realized that he had not eaten
anything for very long. The last time he ate was a feast of two slices of bread with butter, more than 12 hours back. He
was feeling something in his belly which felt like hunger, but he could force himself only to drink half a glass of water. He
typed a message, "I was waiting the whole evening, still waiting.."
An hour passed, then he received a message, "Left late from office, had to go home".
He messaged "You could have at least messaged, I could have met you on your way to home". No reply.

"You didn’t want to meet.. You don’t want to talk also... At least reply..." he messaged again;
"I wanted to meet, but cud not" message received.

"And you want to talk, but cannot??" he messaged;
"I m talking to u...Tell me" message received.

"I am leaving tomorrow night for my MBA, may not be coming for next one year."
"Oh yes. U told me. Good luck."

"You don’t want to meet before that?? Can you come at the railway station tomorrow??"
"Hmmm…I’ll try"

" don’t look very interested..."
"I told, I’ll try….I cant promise"

"Hmm...Ok…fine... By the way, howcome you are still awake, it’s already midnight"
"See, you complaint that I dont talk to u, now wen I am talking u have a problem that why m I awake."

"No, I don’t have any problem. It’s just that I know that you don’t like missing your sleep…right?? Are you awake just to
talk to me??"
"Well, not exactly. I m watching a movie."

"So late, isn’t your mom dad objecting??"
"Hmmm...No...Actually I m watching it on my laptop."

"Oh… Ok… So, am I disturbing you??"
"Not really…. I can type in between."
"Ok...Yeah…you have been good at texting….unlike me!! Hey…can I ask you a question??"

"Will you miss me when I am gone??"
"Shall I??"

"I don’t know, I was just asking. I think I will miss you….a lot"
"Well, I dont know. I may miss you a bit…"

"A bit..ok!! Can I ask you one more question?"

"Do you still love me…. Well, I guess I do…love you."
No reply.

"Hey, I am sorry... I know things have changed... Now we are supposed to be only friends...and all that. I guess your
inbox already contains loads of messages regarding that discussion..I just could not stop myself from asking..Sorry!!"
"Yeah...we have already talked about that, no use of talking again, can’t you think of nything else to talk."

"Hey, that was rude...anyways I said sorry, right!! It’s just that I am leaving tomorrow & I feel as if I am going away
forever, as if I will never be able to see you again, as if..."
"O C’mon, please stop. I am tired of listening to your emotional stuff. Wen we have discussed that it’s over, cant you
behave like a normal friend??"

"You are tired!! Oh..I am so sorry for troubling you…again. Yeah, I should behave like a normal friend…Sorry!!"
"Yes, u shud be sorry, but just stop saying this sorry again & again.. I am tired of listening to that also."

"Hmmm...I guess you are tired of me also…"
"Well, probably yes, if that’s what u want to listen... Anyways, I dont think all this is going to make any difference to your
life...You will go to a new place & forget everything, you will make new friends, new girlfriends…"

"So, that’s what you think about me…that I don’t mean whatever I say...that I don’t mean it when I say I love you..that I
don’t mean it when I say I will miss you…that I don’t mean it when I say I find my life incomplete without you.."
"See, I don’t know if u mean it or not, I just know that I dont want to listen to all this stuff again...U know, this life being
incomplete & all, this is just crap...Just chill...ok!!"

"Yeah I should chill, right? After listening to all this you think I can chill... I never realized you hate me so much"
"Ok, u realized now…so what are u gonna do??"

"I don’t know, I really don’t know… probably first of all I should stop bothering you by talking to you"
"Ohh…so u don’t want to talk now..dont tell me later that I dont talk to u"

"Yeah…ok...I won’t tell you fact I won’t tell you anything. I don’t think I should, I don’t think I can."
"Thank you so much, that’s a great relief."

He could not bear this any longer, he felt shattered, he felt as if all his energy had drained out. He let the mobile drop on
floor, he could not hold on to it any longer. It was not particularly hot, just the month of February, but he could feel
sweat trickling all over his body. Gathering all his energy, he lifted himself up and walked to the fridge, took out a bottle
of water, and gulped the entire content without stopping, as if he had been thirsty for ages. This calmed down him a bit,
but he was still feeling uncomfortable. "I need some fresh air", he thought to himself, "Yeah, definitely". He opened the
door to go out, at that very moment he heard a message sound. He went back and picked up the mobile, the message
was from her. He just put the mobile in his pocket and walked out.
The cool air felt soothing, and helped to get rid of the sweat. He felt better, but he was in no mood to go inside the
house. He took out his mobile, it showed the time 2:45 am, and one unread message. He opened the message; it read
"U done??" He didn’t reply. He kept walking, and soon reached the highway near his house. He liked taking walk here,
along the highway, just with himself; that always helped him to relax; and at this moment, he definitely needed a lot of
relaxation. But his mind was not allowing him to relax; the last few hours were revolving in his mind, minute by minute,
message by message. He was sad, but at the same time shocked. She had never talked to him like that. Yes, things did go
wrong between them, but their conversations were usually good and friendly, far from what happened today. He had
this belief that she still loved him, just like he loved her. He never felt the warmth between them getting lost; yes, it was
just overshadowed by other issues. For him, things were far from over, they couldn’t be over. But all his beliefs were
shattered today. He was wondering whether all his hopes, all his expectation were mere pieces of imagination, for the
reality seemed very different, especially after the last conversation.
His mind wandered back to the days when they were so much in love, the life seemed so good, so perfect. Then,
somewhere something went wrong. Yes, he did commit mistakes, many mistakes, and even she had her share of
mistakes. But how those mistakes could be big enough to end everything, he would wonder. He had pondered over
these and all the other things a million times. And, just when he was about to go through the entire sea of thoughts
from the past for the one million oneth time, he came back to the present, the present which comprised of the last few
hours. Today was definitely something different, she sounded so rude. Here he was, extremely sad at the thought of
going far away; and there she was, least bothered about it, and least concerned about his feelings. Why was she so
rude? She had never been like that. Was she saving all that for this occasion? He could not think. He wanted to ask her.
He wanted to ask now. He thought of calling out her name at the top of his voice and ask why was she doing this to him.
Just when he was gathering his energy to do that, something strange happened. He heard his name being called out. He
was alarmed, and confused. "Who is calling me. Oh!! That’s her voice!!", he thought looking around desperately. Again
he heard his name being called out in her voice. Then a series of heavy vehicles passed by making enough noise to
suppress any other sound, including the sound of his name being called out by her….her voice….He was more confused
now, the millions of thoughts were causing chaos in his mind, he could not feel anything else, he was totally lost, in fact
so lost that he didn’t realize that he was walking almost in the middle of the highway. But, before he could realize that, it
was too late. He felt a powerful blow hitting his body, the next moment his body was flying in air, and a moment later he
found himself lying around 15 feet away from the highway, his body covered with mud and blood. He could see some
people rushing towards him, he could listen to their voices, but then his vision started blurring, the sounds started
getting fainter. He was still trying to find her face, he was still trying to listen to her voice, but a minute later all his
senses went numb, there was only darkness and silence now.
The medics’ worries were increasing. He didn’t seem to respond to the treatment. They were losing him. The readings in
the life supporting equipments were indicating the gradual approach of the inevitable. Suddenly, the life equipments
stopped showing any signs of life. The doctors thought he had succumbed to his injuries, but a closer examination
suggested he was not dead. "He has slipped in COMA", declared the doctor. As soon as he finished his declaration, a pair
of musical beeps echoed across the room, as if punctuating the doctor’s statement. "What was that?" asked the doctor.
The nurse replied, "It sounded like a message tone from a mobile. But none of us are carrying mobiles here". Then her
eyes fell on the torn, blood soaked clothes lying in a corner of the room. She went there, and found a mobile in the
pocket of the trousers. She brought it to the doctor. It displayed "1 New Message". The doctor looked at his motionless
body, and then unlocked the mobile to read the message. The message read….
"Hi..How are u.. Hope u didnt call me or msg me. I didnt have my mobile with me. I forgot it at the cyber cafe near my
home yesterday morning, before we left for an office trip. Realized it very late. Got the mobile just now, but this stupid
person, he deleted the entire content of msg folder and call history…says did that by mistake, really stupid!! But, I didnt
scold him much, at least he returned my mobile. By the way what were you doing last night on the highway, I called out
your name twice, actually we were returning from the trip late at night, and that’s when I saw you from the bus.. I guess
you were supposed to be doing your packing. U are leaving today only, right?? Actually I want to talk to you before that,
can we meet once before that…. Please!!"

The Message

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